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My son is 33 years old, 6months ago he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is now taking 4mg of risperdal. He has restlessness, anxiety, and racing thoughts, loss of concentration. Are these side effects or does he need an increase of dosage?and he has been in the psychistric unit of hospital for 3wks.

not sure if this is anxiety I take setralin have for years, my long time doctor new my mother had terrible anxiety attacks and thought with my nature I should. When I was younger I am 61 now I would occasionally have shaking fits especially at night not very often. 3 times the last 6 weeks I get up to go to the bathroom I get nauseated so I go lay down then I will get this feeling starting on my neck to my arms then to my torso if feel like electric waves and I will get cold. My stomach gets hard as a rock and bulges out. I try to lay real still and will doze off and on. Not this last time but the 2 prior times I would also shake like I did when I was in my 20's . When morning comes I will feel pretty good. The 2 common things to all 3 episodes is I forgot my sertraline for 2 days and didn't drink much water as I am very active playing golf daily. Any ideas.

I started lithium since 15 years old for four years,each year I checked for thyroid screen ,free T4 and got an average of about 14 PMOL/L. As I know low in thyroid hormone may cause growth become slower,I wanted to know whether taking lithium did affect my growth rate as I took it at 15 years old which was still in puberty? Thanks.

I'm having panic attacks and they come on all of the times I can tell when i'm just about to have an attack. I really need too see a physician that can help me. I have tried several physicians..but once they place me on a medication that seems to help control the attacks they take me off the med. I have tried several medications that haven't really helped me out with my attacks. Please Help. Thanks

What is the treatment for anxiety?

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Expertise regarding psychotropic medication verses non medical treatment. Very knowledgable and caring. Ethical and humane treatment and he even does it for FREE! Thank you Dr. Watson.
- Paul Martinez, Milwaukee
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1997 B.S., Psychology, Honors Research Conducted: Dreams and Dreaming, Alexithymia, Psychoanalytic Defense Mechanisms, Separation Anxiety in Children, emphasis/ dissertation proposal Reciprocating Social Support, Resiliency;

2000 Master's in Art-Depth Psychology California School of Professional Psychology- Fresno, CA;

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