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I had my eyes messed up by a plastic surgeon who overstepped his professional bounds by reattaching ligaments of my lower lids and causing adhesions that locked up my eye mobility. I've gone to many eye docs, who looked and said "You're okay..." when I was in REAL danger of getting into car accidents because I kept seeing double in my peripheral vision and could not judge speed or trajectory of other vehicles unless they were in forward vision. After FIVE YEARS of begging doctors who didn't have the skills or the guts to try to correct my problems, Dr Carey has taken this on in a very cautious approach that has resulted in one eye (so far) regaining complete mobility, and he is about to do the other. You have NO idea how devastating and debilitating loss of eye mobility is until your eyes are locked up and you realize you are in real danger of getting killed due to loss of full visual fields bilaterally. Thank you Dr Carey, I am SO SO grateful!!! You're my hero!
- Sandra Sutherland, Seattle
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