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Dr. Stanley Friedell is an EXCELLENT doctor. I was pregnant with twins (IVF)that turned into a high risk case in the 16th week of pregnancy. I started to dialate internally and was told to come in weekly. In the 19th week, Dr. Friedell noticed I was starting to dialate and performed an emergency cerclage at 19 weeks, placed me on bedrest, and monitored me weekly. Further on in the pregnancy, I was hospitalized twice due to preterm labor. He stopped the labor and the final time admitted me until I reached 34 weeks. (I was 31 1/2 weeks at the time.) Luckily he did, as I live a solid hour (without traffic) away from the hospital. My water broke at 32 1/2 weeks while in the hospital and my son wasn't handling labor well at all. Unfortunately, Dr. Friedell couldn't deliver (he left on vacation that morning!)and Dr. Regina Belmonte delivered both my children via c-section. I feel very confident in Dr. Friedell's abilities as well as the group of doctors he has assembled for his practice.
- Kathleen Quatrochi, Elburn
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