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I have panic attacks when I drive what do i do

I had female surgery 3 years agao and I had all my parts taken out and now I am having trouble with orgasms I have to use toys. do you have any suggestions for me?

My son is 33 years old, 6months ago he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is now taking 4mg of risperdal. He has restlessness, anxiety, and racing thoughts, loss of concentration. Are these side effects or does he need an increase of dosage?and he has been in the psychistric unit of hospital for 3wks.

how can I tell if I am bipolar. ive never been diagnosed but been told and the more I read up on it it seems about right. and its a scary situation right now. I can be in a good mood then in a split sec I am moody irritable throwing things punching things screaming yelling freaking out I catch myself very upset not careing about life itself anymore its like I black out for a sec and yes it is affecting my marriage I need help I want help before I lose it all

I started lithium since 15 years old for four years,each year I checked for thyroid screen ,free T4 and got an average of about 14 PMOL/L. As I know low in thyroid hormone may cause growth become slower,I wanted to know whether taking lithium did affect my growth rate as I took it at 15 years old which was still in puberty? Thanks.

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