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CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT. Your life's not working the way you'd like? Find out why and change it. - Struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, gay/lesbian/bisexual issues, addictions (substances or behaviors)? These are some of the special areas where I can help.

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Hello. After a two-month of treatment with xanax 1 mg / day (cure about poor sleep or not sleep at all) , I continued to take a pill (0,5 mg) once or twice in a month due to difficulty in sleeping some nights. Lately, I ve noticed that it became again difficult for me to sleep in daily base so I took for three nights xanax of 0,5. Now my question is : Should I worry? If I can not sleep should I take the pill? 0,5 mg is addictive? I read somewhere that if taking for a long time it can cause serious diseases such as lung cancer. But if I can not sleep I get panic. What can I do? Thank you in advance.

does bipolar cause memmory loss?

Can I go to a primary care physician for anxiety or do I have to see a therapist?

Is there a difinitive test for BPD?

Hello, I was wondering If it was possible for me to have developed Depression when this happened: Before fourth grade, I had recently moved to Ohio and lived there for a year. Moving there and back caused much stress to build up. First off, I lost many my friends that I had before I left. I honestly didn't have anyone else but my family; but not everyone I had before. Many my cousins just didn't get along with me anymore. I was not the type of person that they were. Also, the air in Ohio was not as bad for me as it is here. I never got sick, got asthma attacks, or been sent to the hospital. While over here in Arizona, I cannot survive a year without a visit to the ICU. Thanks for reading!

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