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This healthy female from Deerfield Beach, FL., came to The Center for Cosmetic Laser Gynecology in Deerfield Beach with concerns of discomfort caused by loose and excess skin of the labia majora and labia minora. There was also excessive skin of the clitoral hood. Dr. Scheinberg performed Designer Laser Labiaplasty. The extra skin has been removed and the labia reshaped into a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The vagina has been tightened and there has been a complete transformation of the labia majora and minora. The clitoral hood has been corrected as well.
Performed By - Dr. Mark Scheinberg, MD

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Hello. i would like to have info concerning dimple creation for man (cost, procedure and recovery time thanks terry

i have a very sensitive skin. And being asian, i'm more susceptible to form a keloid. Is labiaplasty safe or a guarantee to get done with less chance of forming a keloid?

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