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Had my BA with him 10 days ago... Was a wonderful experience -- couldnt have been better. As soon as I took my clothes off, they gave me a double-lined gown and hooked it up to a heater. I was never cold at ALL! I was so scared of being cold and never once was this an issue--kudos to the wonderful team that knows how to treat its clients! I was also VERY scared of the anesthesia and the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me for a while and really put me at ease. Dr Tsujimura (we called him Dr "T" but the office calls him Dr Ryan, I think Dr T is more catchy :P ) will TAKE HIS TIME, he is NOT RUSHY at all! Post-op visit he is very chill, he will talk to you about anything and he's the kinda guy that will answer anything even questions that only weirdos like me ask, like "does your girlfriend have big boobs?" lol! :P He takes pride in the quality of his incisions. His mother was a seamstress and I think that's why he is so damn good at stitching. He does it all internally and will explain his technique. He's reaaaaalllllly good at it. I wish he would stitch me up a new quilt. I bet it would look as pretty on my bed as my incisions look on my body! When I had to come back for the "unveiling of my new boobs" I was too scared to look. I didn't want to see the frankenboob. But he did a damn fine job with making it not very "frankenbooby-ish" I was actually quite surprised and very pleased. I had a very good experience with Dr Tsujimura at North Valley Plastic Surgery. I will recommend him to anyone who asks, and even if he raised his prices to $15k for a boob job, it'd be well worth it. The quality is amazing. I am so happy I ended up going to this doctor. So, so very very happy!!!
- anne troff, Indianapolis
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