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I have a "swishing" noise in my ear. What causes that and what should I do about it. It sounds like water swishing...or maybe ocean's so hard to describe but it makes me feel rather anxious.

I have continual sinus Drainage and a cough. Lately when I cough I have a small amount of blood with the phlegm

Should I see an ear,nose and throat doctor for a hearing aid? I am 66 and have not been hearing good for some time.

I had an ear tube placed in my right ear 2 months ago, this last week (9/21/15) I started losing hearing in that ear. I went to my Primary who told me the tube has come out of the membrane and is lying on top of it. The ladies at my ear doctor have told me I have to wait until November to have it removed. It is already causing some pain. What do I do, can another doctor remove the tube?

Why are my ears crackling?

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