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He is an excellent doctor. He cares for my two children, my husband and myself. I have asthma and allergies. Under his care my asthma is under control year around with the exception of 1 or 2x a year with a bad cold. Whenever I need help he is always available. My son Alexander also has asthma/allergies and when we met Dr. Bobbitt Alex was being life squaded 2X in 1 week do to our new home. He took pity on us and accepted us as a patient immediately. Under his care we fixed the home so Alex could live there and Alex only has an asthma flare up maybe once a year that can be handled at home. He is friendly, experienced yet stays up to date on the latest drugs and thier availablity. I find him to be excellent with children and adults and he is the ONLY doctor to my knowlege that gives pain numbing medicine before allergy testing. That was a real blessing for both my adult husband and my 4 year old when they were skin tested. My 4 year old could not feel a thing. It is a pleaseure to go somewhere that they actually care whether or not you are comfortable.
- Brenda Weinhart, Cincinnati
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