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Dr. Patrick Pownell is truly a wonderful man. He is a gifted surgeon who through God is able to perform miracles here on earth. He is a God fearing family man who really truly cares for his patients. He is responsible for changing my life in such an amazing way. I was obese all of my life. I had a miserable existence when out in public all of my years as an obese child and young adult, adult, as I was constantly picked on and teased and harrased about my size. I finally had enough of being obese and my health starting to fail was not helping I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had RNY Laproscopic Gastric Bypass surgery 06/02/02 and lost 158 pounds. I was for all intents and purposes declared by the world as a WLS success. The only thing is I did not feel like a success. I felt like and looked like a circus freak under my clothing and pantyhose and ace bandages I wore to keep the excess skin from hanging and looking lumpy in my clothes. When you have been obese all of your life and you lose weight your skin has a tendency to stay loose and hang off of your body. Looking at myself day in and out was agonizing torture for me as I was average size now and I felt and looked far from average. Walking and doing everyday routines were very difficult and painful as the skin would rub together and cause sores and infections that when treated with medications would never go away and stay gone. Dr. Pownell performed a tummy tuck and thigh lift on me 08/13/03 and breast lift, arm lift, hip lift, and buttocks lift 10/29/03. I now feel like a normal person and am no longer ashamed of my body. I owe my renewed self confidence and my new body to God for blessing Dr. Patrick Pownell with the knowledge and the skill to perform plastic surgery and transform lives. I also owe Dr. Pownell my deepest appreciation as WLS are very challenging to operate on due to skin elasticity, other health issues from a life of being obese could complicate surgeries, and the possibility that cosmetic surgery may not make them as "Perfect" as they had dreamed in their fantasies. Even though he knew all of this he still took on my case and made me feel very comfortable and did an absolutely fabulous job. I could not have asked for a better cosmetic surgeon. He is truly a great doctor, good listener, and when you are a patient of his you are more than a dollar sign. He makes you feel like you are important and it is genuine and not fake. I shout out his praise anytime I can because it is through God and through Dr. Pownell, I now have my life back. Thank you Dr. Pownell there is no way I could ever repay you for what you have given me back.
- Teena Adler, Richardson
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