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I went to Owen many years ago to find ways to deal with my very poor self image. His "help" caused my self-esteem to drop to an all time low. Week after week, he criticized me unmercifully and I usually left his office very depressed, angry and anxious. He was arrogant, conceited, moody and insensitive.and had no interest in building up a rapport. I saw him a few days after my grandmother died. With no feeling, at all, he quickly said, "Sorry you're grandmother died" and then proceeded to put me down, as usual. On one occasion, I mustered all of the courage I could get, and told him that my father molested me. He refused to believe me, even though I had never lied to him. I sometimes wonder why I didn't quit on the first day I met him. I think it's because I felt that I didn't deserve any better treatment. Eventually, I met other patients and colleagues of Owen's who didn't like him. Talking with them helped me heal, as did a wonderful therapist. Karen
- Karen Carpenter, Chadds Ford
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