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Dr. Anez specializes in the mini incision Roux-Y gastric bypass that he has developed and performed in nearly 4000 patients with excellent results. The incision is 3.5 to 4 inches long, it takes 30 to 40 minutes to perform and it is reversible. It is the least invasive approach to RYGBP.

  • Dietary evaluation
  • Counseling
  • Support groups
  • A panel of medical specialists with special interest in the care for the morbidly obese
Case Studies
Gastric Bypass Surgery

"I am a new person thank you so much Dr. Anez."

At the OBESITY SURGERY CENTER, Dr. Anez and his associates have performed over 4,000 mini-open RYGBP in the past 4 years with excellent results.

General, Laparoscopic And Obesity Surgery Diplomate Of The American Board Of Surgery
Performed By - Dr. Osvaldo C. Anez, M.D.

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Ask A Doctor
will a person every get rid of type 2 diabets

Why should I not drink carbonated beverages after Roux-en Y Bypass?

I had hype surgery 11 years ago at Columbia Presbyterian and I know weigh 250. Is there an addition procedure I can have done to lose 100 more pounds????

i had gastric bypass surgery in June 2003 and Dr. Viglianco performed a successful surgery and I am still keeping the weight off, I went from 267lbs to 132lbs and very happy. January I had an episode of what felt like a gall bladder attack (i do not have one) and my abdomen was severely bloated I was vomiting several times a day, my doctor took xray and said I had an obstructed bowel, well I had a colonoscopy done and I couldnt be cleaned out enough to get results that was 3/27/15 had a CTscan in april and they said it was adhesions, and another CTscan of pelvic area and abdomen and they said it was "Post op changes to stomach due to Gastric Bypass", I am still having severe swelling, in upper abdomen and dull achy pain constantly, I do not know what to do now except contact you and see if someone can help me...I have swelling everyday, sometimes i can have diarehea and other times so constipated that it hurts to even walk...Please can someone help me, as I am so frustrated and I know if I do have an Obstructed Bowel it can be fatal, I do not want to live like this anymore, can someone give me some answers please.....

I had a gastric sleeve procedure done in March, 2009. I have gained approximately 30 pds and would like to know if the new procedure stomaphyx could be done to make my stomach smaller

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Dr. Anez is a wonderful, caring compassionate surgeon. He did a great job with my open gastric bypass.

I also had my gallbladder removed 15 months later with him and you wouldn't even know I had two procedures with him because the markings are so faint. His office staff is great and very supportive.

You can't ask for a better bariatric support team and gifted surgeon in the Washington DC area!
- Jack H

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  • Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss)
  • Weight Loss Specialists
  • Intensive Course in Reading and Writing English, at New York University
  • Comprehensive Medical Review Course conducted at St. Barnbas Medical Center, Livingston, New Jersey under the direction of Dr. Abdol Islani
  • Intensive High Intermediate English Course at Georgetown University
  • Intensive Basic English Course a Georgetown University Washington, DC
  • Medical SCHOOL at National University of La Plata Argentina. During the academic year 1976, I carried out duties in Anatomy as student assistant ad Honor-em performing dissections an aiding in the teaching of the practical workshops. From Jan. 1976 to Apr. 1977, I carried out the functions of Hospital intern and later after my graduation that of Doctor in Attendance for night duties at Alejandro Korn Hospital in Melchor Romero, La Plata, Argentina.


  • American College of Surgeons
  • Virginia Medical Society
  • Bariatric Surgical Society
  • Fairfax County Medical Society

Call your insurance company to verify gastric bypass is a covered benefit. The CPT code for gastric bypass is 43846, diagnostic code 278.01 for morbid obesity. CPT code for Lap-Band® is 43770 and the CPT code for laparoscopic gastric bypass is 43644. Call the member services number on your insurance card. Make sure you talk to a live person and not a recording.

Our surgical coordinator, will talk to you about your insurance and what they require for approval. It will take 14 to 30 days after we have received all required information for the insurance company to respond.

After we receive a response from the insurance company, we will call and let you know the result and will set up a surgery date. We will also be making your appointments for your second and third visits before surgery.

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