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I highly recommend Dr. Na, she is very caring & skilled.I was in a desperate state when I opened the phone book & as a last resort thought I would try accupuncture, I had just had several months of major overload of asthma medicines & reflux medicines which caused extremely high liver enzymes, I had so many side effects from meds there was nothing I could tolerate, I lost 30# in a month, quit ovulating developed ovarian cysts & mostly what was really intense was constant stomach upset & reflux, it was so bad I had to take leave from my job. I was skeptical, but that first night after she treated me there was absolutly no pain & reflux drastically diminished, all my family & coworkers were & continue to be amazed, I went back to eating normally, back to work & gained my weight back, I saw her 2 times a week for a while, she really is wonderful, if I hadn't found her I'm sure I would likely have lost my job of 10yrs & been having reflux surgery. Another coworker with intestinal trouble & arthritis was also greatly helped by her. I know I'll always continue to go to her. Hope this recommendation helps someone else. (just a note, when she was out of town for over a month I had another episode & alot of similar problems, went to another accupuncturist in her abcense & that person had no affect at all) Boy did I miss her.
- Debbie Dickson, Springfield
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B.S. in medicine in China, received in 1983 M.S. in medicne in China, received in 1989 Ph.D. in TCM in China, received in 1992 Post-Dor in Japan, finished in 1994
Member of Illinois Acupuncture Association

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