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At MyAntiAgingMD you will enter a peaceful, intimate setting with a medical staff that is dedicated to providing patients with compassionate and individualized care.

Here at My Anti Aging M.D.we utilize functional or anti-aging medicine we apply advanced medical and scientific technologies in order to prevent, identify, treat and reverse age related diseases. The goal of functional medicine (anti-aging) is not simply to prolong the total number of years of a persons life, but to also ensure that those years are lived in a productive and satisfying manner.

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Performed By - Dr. My Anti Aging MD,

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will a person every get rid of type 2 diabets

Hello, I have been lifting weight for a while, and I would like to start a new diet and check what is the best food to eat and what supplements I should take. So I would like to know who does this kind of treatment, and how much is the cost to make an appointment ? Thank you.

been over weight most of my life is there anyway to help shed the pounds off faster even throw I exercise I try to watch I eat but nothing really seems to work

is bio identical hormone therapy as effective in strength as synthetic hormone injections?

I am on a regular Remicade infusion for arthritis, so is it safe to take the HGH injections?

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I just wanted to thank everyone at myantiagingmd. I have been a patient since 2010 there bhrt therapy has changed my life I can work more hours I earn more and most of all I can play more .If I wasn't on bhrt i would probably be on depression medicine,Dont let life pass you buy call them they will educate you and give you options ...
- Charles
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Our physicians are members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) which is a US federally registered 501 (c3) non profit organization comprised of more than 22,000 members including scientist, physicians and other health practicionist the A4M is dedicated to the advancement of technology to identify, prevent and treat diseases related to aging and to promote research into methods of prolonging and optimizing the human aging process. The A4m also works to educate Doctors, scientist and the members of the public about bio identical science ground breaking technologies and advancement in anti aging medicine.

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