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MetropolitanMD is on the cutting-edge in the cosmetic services industry and Dr. Edward Lack, Dr. John Rachel and Dr. Joseph Franco are committed to continually evolving their list of services and techniques to offer patients the very best in the realm of cosmetic surgery services. The center is the only Chicago, IL practice featuring three doctors that are all double board certified in complementing areas of specialization.

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BOTOX® Injections Treatment

5 days after botox injections forehead and eye area relax and patient looks more youthful. For best results patients return at 1 week for additional injection when needed at no charge
Performed By - Dr. MetropolitanMD .,

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what's the difference in Obagi and over the counter

I have horrible dark circles under my eyes, I eat very well and get a decent amount of sleep. I exercise 6 times a week. I'm a 36 yr old male in great shape. Iv'e tried several different creams, cucumber treatment and such, nothing seems to work. Ive read about laser treatments and pigmentation injections? Any help would be great! Thanks Joe

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