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Dr.John Alverdy, is the best Dr. I know. The reason that I said he is the best Dr. I know because he is really there for you when you need it. Dr.Alverdy and his team of nurses and students. I had to have this surgery in order to lose weight of course and for other health issues I had. Dr.Alverdy and his team of nurses/students reasured me that I was doing the right thing by explaning every step of the surgery from broucheres to video so there were no surpries on the way to the surgery. I had gastric banding surgery which is the best of surgeries that you may choose from. In all it took a little paper work and time to get the proceduer scheduled. I had my surgery July 12,2004 and have lost in all since then a total of 42.5lbs. I have the confidents now with the weight loss to go out and not be ashamed of my self. I had this surgery done for myself and my family. If it wasn't for doctor Alverdy I might not have gotten rid of my weight and be as happy today. Oh yeah the scaring is not as intense as you may think it's almost not even visible. I am atrue patient of Dr.Alverdy and I would recomend him over and oever again.
- JoAnne Coy, Sterling
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