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I am a senior citizen who visited Dr. Beiser on a return visit with a request for a pain killer, just for that day, for a problem emanating from the sole of my foot. Once he determined that the pain was in my leg, his response was to tell me to go to another doctor since the pain was above my ankle. Since the source of the pain was the bottom of my foot, that is an overly narriow reading of the rules as to what podiatrists can treat. Dr. Beiser takes both Medicare and my scondary insurance. I went to him, announcing that I was there for a particular preventive examination, which proceeded without problems, but Dr. Beiser refused, after being asked several times by me and by my insurer, to use a code enabling me to obtain credit on a debit card provided by the secondary insurer. It would cost Dr. Beiser nothing. The secondary insurer had advised him to use that code or one of any four others. His reply to me was that he could have a lot of trouble with Medicare if he used that code. However, he had already been advised that if he did use that code, Medicare would reject the claim, but it would be paid in full by the secondary insurer. Since Medicare would reject the claim in any event, it is hard to see how he could have trouble with Medicare. The secondary insurer, which agreed to pay the claim in full was the one which advised him directly to use that code. When I requested that Dr. Beiser review the matter again, he agreed but never had the courtesy to reply. He is now my former podiatrist. My advice: STAY AWAY!
- Mr. Luft, Washington
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