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Lost sight in one eye. Had surgery from Detached Retnal, and Hemorrhage inside the eye.. Eye drops are placed in eye 4 times a day. Seeing bubbles inside the eye. Is this normal?

Good day Dr. i just want to ask about how much the Vision ICL cost ? thank you in advance.

requesting information regarding bilateral bulging veins of lower eyelids, is it possible to have these veins removed? what are my options for treatment?

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My experience with LASIK and Dr. Kingrey's office could not have been more positive. I can't say enough good things about the process! Everyone in the office was extremely friendly. Both Dr. Kingrey and Erin informed me exactly what would happen and went through each step of the process with me.

I got to see the actual laser room and was shown each tool/instrument that would be used. They also made sure I knew what to expect afterwards. I can honestly say I went in the day of the surgery with NO anxiety thanks to their preparations. They did a great job making sure I understood my post-op instructions and was put at ease knowing I could call at anytime with questions.

Overall, I would and will recommend Dr. Kingrey's office to anyone and I am grateful for the experience. And best of more glasses or contacts!!!
- Kim B.

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At Vision Surgery Consultants you will find a warm staff dedicated to making your visit personalized and beneficial experience.  Our teams of technicians and nurses have 89 years combined years of experience.  The patient service representatives and billing staff are friendly, available and helpful.

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