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I never went to a DC before and I'm not sure I believed in them...but, based on a recommendation when my lower back was KILLING me and preventing me from actively participating in much of anything, I went to see him. He analyzed me and the situation after the first exam and then performed what seemed like simple, but powerful stretching of my hip flexors while also performing deep massage of them...required an assistant to manipulate my legs...within 3 sessions I was feeling incredibly better and, after 6 sessions, I was done. My back felt better than it has in years and it lasted almost a year before some running tweaked it again. Just came from an adjustment session...Dr. Castro kept meticulous records and was fully prepared for me...after the first session I already feel better and Dr. C thinks I will only need 2 sessions. I SWEAR by him now and, along with his immense skills and his physical strength, he is as honest as the day is long. He will only provide the treatment he really believes is necessary and his sessions REALLY help! See him at all costs.
- Don Schulze, Commack
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