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Avoid Butcher Boxrud!! I was referred to her by my ocularist to get consultation on puffiness under my right eye which is artificial. She performed upper and lower blepharoplasty on my right eye and both procedures were botched. Moreover, the procedures were unnecessary. As a result my artificial eye had to be made very thin; I lost a lot of volume and my eyebrow fell down considerable. The worst is that the eye still does not close and looks protruded. Boxrud completely ignores my e-mails and her assistant Hallie Waltuch informed me to speak to Boxrud's attorney Tom Gehring if I have any questions. I'm based in the UK and Boxrud probably thinks she is out of reach. She is a moneymaker and not a doctor. She ruined my life and does not want to know anything. Stay away as she may ruin yours as well.
- Nataliya K, BH
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