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I was taking Xanax for my anxiety for many years and what a difference it made for me. Now doctors will hardly prescribe it anymore. They would rather give you something with bad side-effects. Why?

I take moclobemide 450mg. What medication can be prescribed for pms/pmdd and fibromyalgia which is not containdicated.

I started lithium since 15 years old for four years,each year I checked for thyroid screen ,free T4 and got an average of about 14 PMOL/L. As I know low in thyroid hormone may cause growth become slower,I wanted to know whether taking lithium did affect my growth rate as I took it at 15 years old which was still in puberty? Thanks.

I'm having panic attacks and they come on all of the times I can tell when i'm just about to have an attack. I really need too see a physician that can help me. I have tried several physicians..but once they place me on a medication that seems to help control the attacks they take me off the med. I have tried several medications that haven't really helped me out with my attacks. Please Help. Thanks

I have schizoffective disorder bipolar type and some anxiety disorders. I take an antidepressant, mood stabilizer, a benzo as needed and I was taking an anti-psychotic. I stopped taking the anti-psychotic about 4 months ago because i found out that they are incredibly bad for your body and i read somewhere that they actually cause the brain to shrink and damage the brain. I hadn't had any psychotic symptoms since i stopped the med so i figured I was fine and would just try to watch for any early signs. I think I may have noticed one in the last few weeks, however. I'm not sure though, which is why I'm on here asking a question. The symptom I may be noticing is what I think is referred to as thought insertion. I have never had this particular symptom before so it is new to me and I only am recognizing it because I've done so much research on schizophrenia. For a couple months I've been having intrusive thoughts that I was originally attributing to my anxiety, but in the past few weeks the content of the thoughts have changed from worrying type things to weird random negative thoughts about other people and things and they feel like they are not my own. I'm beginning to feel like maybe demons are giving me the thoughts as a way to attack me and make me feel like I'm sinning or unsaved. At the same time however I realize that due to the nature of my illness this could just be psychosis returning. I don't know what to do. I'm afraid to tell my doctor or therapist because they don't know i stopped the seroquel and I don't want them to put down that I'm non-compliant or be mad at me. I want to be compliant, I just don't want to harm my body anymore than I have to because of these medications. I've wanted to tell them but every time i try i chicken out because of my anxiety and fears. I am afraid to just start the meds again without telling my dr. because of the higher dosage I was on. Plus I know my doctor will say that the thought insertion thing is a symptom and how do I know that is true? If she doesn't believe in God then she would never consider it being something like demons anyway. I suppose i could try taking the meds again and see if they help, but then there is the problem of killing my body with powerful anti-psychotics.. I already am having really bad memory problems which I fear is the result of years of psychiatric medications. I'm pretty sure its not dementia or something as I am only 31. Plus I'm afraid of what the doctor will say to me because I've been hiding this for so long. What do I do? how quickly can psychosis progress? do I have time to wait this out for another month or am I risking a serious relapse that could quickly land me in the psych ward? Is it safe to take 400 mg of seroquel xr after not taking it for four months?

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Dr. Cousins was very helpful for me. He does more than just listen but gave me concrete skills to help me with my problem. I had been to other therapists and found that they did little more than listen but Dr. Cousins really has a lot of useful advice! He is not afraid to confront me when I am not working hard either. I really feel I got a lot of value from my visits and understanding about my difficulties!
- Happy patient
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