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Case Studies
Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

This patient from Seattle had lost a significant amount of weight through diet and exercise. She wanted to remove the excess skin from her stomach, so she could have a tummy that looked and felt much flatter.A standard abdominoplasty was done including tightening of the stomach muscles. She had 24 hour rapid recovery with NO Drains and NO Narcotics so that she could get back to exercising at her gym in Seattle as soon as possible.  She was out to dinner the next day and back to the gym with light exercise the next week. You can find more information about how to get a rapid recovery tummy tuck here.
Performed By - Dr. Brian Windle, M.D., FACS, FRCS(C)

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Ask A Doctor
I am 49 yrs old, have a sagging eye lid. what is the operation procedure , how long it will heal and how much it cost roughly.

Dear Doctor, I will soon be 50 years old. In the last year I have noticed lines on my face high on my cheekbones and below the eyes. It used to be they would be evident early in the morning and go away, but now they are permanent. What can I do about them? They make me look tired all the time. I'm not good with procedures that have to be done over and over again. Is there a simple surgery to fix it? Thank you for your time. Colleen

There is so much talk about one expensive cream over another. Do any of them really work?

Hi, i just want to know the price of umbilicoplasty surgery. Thank you

How much would it cost for my ear lobes to get surgery because they were stretched to a double zero. I have them out for about a year now and there almost closed. They are open just enough to barley see through them but I need them to be closed all the way for the military. The left one is the only one you can see through so that's the only one I need done.

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Dear Dr. W, Please accept these words from one physician to another. I want to express my gratitude for the excellent care and attention you have given me. When I first met you, I had no expectation that you would consider doing any elective procedure on someone whose medical history was as extensive as mine. However, you had the sensitivity and understanding to recognize that my illness and its therapy had ravaged my body and life. You did your research on my situation and after consideration consented to help me. During the process of evaluation, surgery and recovery, you treated me with compassion and respect in all aspects of my care; something that is increasingly rare in healthcare today. The results exceeded anything I could have hoped for. Many of my doctors have seen the results and are “amazed at such beautiful surgery”. Your surgical skill, concern and sense of humor have made the recovery surprisingly smooth. No one (except possibly you) can appreciate how I feel, after years of serious illness, to have everyone I see tell me how great I look. I had a negative view of cosmetic surgery before this but not now! Thanks again. Sincerely, Sue
- Dr. Susan Hornish
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