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I am an enneagram type 9; introvert - relations oriented person. I am a communicative, quite confident, optimistic kind of person. I love people, maintain warm relationships with my wife, daughter, bretheren and other relatives and I have never been depressed. I am not anxious, do not lack energy, etc... My problem? When I attend some activity alone, where no relationships of mine are present, I will arrive alone and leave alone without haven spoken to anybody. I have been comuting for more than 25 years ... and have never spoken to a co-traveler. At the company, I have good contacts with the colleagues of my department, but none outside of this little circle. When, by some happy accident, I come to meet new people, I will forget their name, what they look like and whatever personal information they tell me almost immediately. I do not have a "social network" and dould not establish one if I wanted to. In fact, I followed all kinds of "interpersonal skills" and assertivity courses, leadership trainings, trainings to improve remembering names, etc.... but all in vain 1. Is there a name for this type of asocial behaviour? 2. what may be the cause? 3. what can I do to become more social?

how can I tell if I am bipolar. ive never been diagnosed but been told and the more I read up on it it seems about right. and its a scary situation right now. I can be in a good mood then in a split sec I am moody irritable throwing things punching things screaming yelling freaking out I catch myself very upset not careing about life itself anymore its like I black out for a sec and yes it is affecting my marriage I need help I want help before I lose it all

Since relatively short into my new job (but for more than 6 months now), I have been crying a lot. I have been crying in front of my boss sometimes twice a week... Obviously, it is embarrassing, but I have been crying in excess of my feelings - I feel frustrated, sad, to a certain extent, but my crying does not feel, to me, in line with my feelings. I have always been sensitive, but there is a difference between crying twice in six months, in the toilets where nobody can see, and twice in a week, in front of your boss. I wonder: - is it the circumstances? Maybe this is more stressful because I travel a lot, and often feel I am late in my work, and often feel "made to compete" with colleagues - even though there have been times before where I worked longer hours. I also was in love with my boss for the first two months (he did not know it) but I have long decided that it was not going to happen and turned a new leaf - could I just be still affected by that. After all, my crying is virtually only with my boss (I have not cried because of colleagues and in front of colleagues even once, as far as I remember). - Is it me who have changed? Would it be mentally? Yet, I am not depressed, I am not feeling overall sad, I am glad to be doing the job I do, but there is this crying which is so frustrating as all my efforts to control this (thinking I do not care, etc etc) have failed. I could be developing another mental illness, yet I am around 40 and even though I am a female, the likelihood of it is relatively limited (and I do not know what mental illness that would be). Would it be that I changed physically? I know some issues (including thyroid related or obviously anything affecting the brain) can cause apparent changes in mood / emotions. But, despite the fact that I fit some symptoms of hypothyroidism online, I am still a far cry from a "poster child" for any major physical disturbance likely to also affect emotions. So what? The issue is, I need to solve this. For my sanity. Incidentally for that of my boss. And also because yesterday he told me that I needed help with my self-confidence (he talked about my personal life, but I am sure he was thinking of how this would be important for my professional life too). If I do not control my crying, I am afraid of all the repercussions in my life. Note: I only cried regularly once in front of a boss. That was when I was working everyday, including weekends, until 2 in the morning and waking up at 8 for a new day of work. I was also in love with that boss (and at the time I had not turned a new leaf), but there were also many more "normal" justifications: the hours of work, the lack of "thank you" and the criticisms every time something was a little bit wrong (even though in the end I was praised for my overall stellar work)...

child wont sleep and he believes people are coming for him and they can see him thru the phone. what should I do?

Good evening doctor. Lately I have found myself extremely depressed, filled with anxiety and overwhelmed as a whole. I am currently a student and with both I am finding it extremely hard to concentrate. I am coming up to a time in my schooling where I have to go out into the field and I'm afraid my anxiety and lack of concentration will greatly effect my performance. I have never been on any medication for any of these symptoms but I would like to try anything that will help me focus on my future career. What can I do? Caitlin

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