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Before you insult patients whose "problems" you know little about, but have the temerity to call "minor," take a moment to think. Think about whether these people represent Dr. Zide's staple patients, the patients he fishes for with his garish websites and exaggerated claims about his ability; the patients who provide the steady income that pays Dr. Zide's bills when the more interesting cases like yours are nowhere to be found. Dr. Zide prides himself on being avant-guarde, and as an avant-garde surgeon he needs ways to continually test new ideas. Dr. Zide is not known for his compassion, or for his self-restraint. On the contrary, he's a bit of a cowboy with a scalpel, and he's got a mean streak. In his private operating room, where only his most loyal assistants are allowed, Dr. Zide is free to take unusual risks, free to act impulsively. There are no practice dolls for the kinds of things Dr. Zide likes to do; there are only real patients. Consider that some of the patients you belittle may have served as unwitting guinea pigs for the "brilliant innovations" that apparently found perfection in your surgery. The pain and disfigurement they write about on these pages may be the result of Dr. Zide's trial and error. You rolled the dice with Dr. Zide and won. Congratulations.You got what you came for. Take your good fortune and go. Don't feel that you are now justified in attacking patients who weren't as lucky as you just because Dr. Zide is now your hero. Your gain likely represents their loss. You say that for every case like yours there are dozens of others like it. I'm not so sure. I'm sure there have been dozens of cases, and I appreciate that every case is different, but I'll wager that instead of all of them being successful ones like yours, that many of them were rife with complications. And because Dr. Zide was able to learn from mistakes he made in those other cases he was able to avoid making those mistakes in your case. Think in terms of one patient being sacrificed for another. Think of those dozens as having paved the way for your life-changing surgery, paved it with their damaged faces. You owe them your pity, not your scorn.
- Justino Juarez, New Orleans
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