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After a very long time with poor vision of 20/280 and 20/80; double vision, etc., my vision is now clear. This is due to acupuncture. Years ago I began seeking medical treatment for my eyes. At that time the diagnosis was that there would not be any corrective lenses available for me: my doctor told me that my vision would gradually deteriorate and could not be recovered. The condition was monitored and vision checked annually. Years of lab tests finally confirmed that there was an extreme deficiency of Vitamin A in my body. I began oral therapy with Vitamin A tablets and had labs routinely. Finally a confirmation by the physician that for some unknown reason my body was not absorbing Vitamin A orally. Vitamin A injections began. After repeated labs the Vitamin A levels began to show lower values; furthermore, my vision was not improving and I discovered that I was allergic to Vitamin A injections. I decided after consultation with my doctor to stop the injections for lack of evidence that it was working. After only one treatment with acupuncture my vision became very clear. After the initial visit with Atara Noiade and acupuncture, I was able to see the bottom line of the eye chart. I was surprised and excited about the results! After returning to my physician for a routine exam my vision was not only better: My vision had returned to the normal 20/20 in both eyes. The physician was astounded and said ?he did not know why it had improved so much but he would have to say that acupuncture treatment by Atara Noiade obviously was a huge influence?. I am so grateful to have my vision restored! I highly recommend Atara Noiade, Licensed Acupuncturist.
- Faith Stachon, Seattle
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MS.Oriental Medicine, LAc/Licensed Acupuncturist (WA), AP/Acupuncture Physician (FL), DOM/Doctor of Oriental Medicine (NM), LAc/OM, NCCAOM
Board of Directors, American Association of Oriental Medicine,

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