Dr. Wallach was very professional and easy to talk to. He has a wonderful sense of humor which helps to lighten the mood yet he candidly expresses his opinions in a polite and matter of fact way. The surgery went smoother than I could have imagined and there were no complications. My mother was impressed at how meticulously he cleaned me up and bandaged me, it was like I had taken a shower and came out with smaller breasts! Because of my tight schedule, and being from out of state, he was even willing to see me on Christmas Eve morning two days post-op to make sure everything was okay. Dr. Wallach and his staff provided exceptional care with excruciating attention to detail. I would (and have) recommended him to both friends and family and I would subscribe to his services again should the need arise. I haven't looked back one day since my breast reduction and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
- Stephanie Roy, worcester
Dr. Wallach-what can i say only the best!!!!From the moment i had my first consultation to the body lift and now the upper lift --you are a wonderful Dr.!!!you not only put my body back together to put it back together better than i ever dreamed it would be!!!! I tell everyone if it wasnt for you i would still be hanging all over the place!!lol!!!!a great doc with a wonderful personality and a wonderful staff!!!!!!all i can say is thx!!!!
- linda p., ny
My goal was to find a doctor who would listen to me and respect my choices and opinions. I wanted to have a breast lift with a conservative augmentation that would best suit my body and lifestyle, look as natural as possible, leave minimal scarring and be free of the tell tale signs of implants. I had interviewed what seemed like all the top names in Manhattan and after doing my research decided that Dr. Steven Wallach would be my surgeon of choice. I left the my first consultation confident that he was the most talented, knowledgeable and honest "man for the job." He and his staff were always available to answer my many questions, provide me with the info. I wanted, and made me feel well cared for. I was very well prepared for my surgery. Everything went just the way Dr. Wallach explained it would. Now I have formally joined my many friends and fellow satified patients of Dr. Wallach. I am thriled with my recovery and results! I am confident in strongly strongly recommend anyone considering plastic surgery to do their research and then visit Dr. Wallach. The best by far!
- jill wiener, new york

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