My first experience with Dr. Tobin was about 25 years ago and I was extremely pleased with the results. I had a few more procedures done since then and haven't even considered going anywhere else. Today, he is still the number one "Go To Guy" for cosmetic surgery as far as I am concerned. I have recommended him to many friends throughout the years who are just as pleased I am.
- D.D. Purvis, Abilene
I have 2 friends who have used Dr. Tobin for Breast Augmentation and their results are as close to perfect as I've seen. When shopping around for a plastic surgeon, one of the important things is having live testimonies and seeing the results first hand. At least that's what sold me with Dr. Tobin. In addition to his skills, he makes it easy to have consultations and follow ups because he travels to surrounding areas to see his patients. I feel 100% comfortable in the choice I made and am looking forward to being his patient.
- , Midland
One of the most highly qualified plastic surgeon in the country. He is a leader in his field. Not only has he practiced for 30ish years, he knows the newest techniques and actually teaches them. He is not only a fabulous Dr, but a very kind and compassionate one. My surgery was far beyond my expectations!
- Sheri Franklin, Lubbock

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