Dr. Shafer did such beautiful work on my formerly tired looking eyes. My upper eyelids starting sitting on my lower lids. I look so refreshed and a little more exotic actually. Beautiful results. He suggested we suck out some fat/loose skin around my chin and jawline and i cant tell you the difference it made for me. And it was a breeze. I was awake, less than a couple of hours for sure. I recommend Dr. Shafer to anyone and everyone. He is wonderful to 'work' with : )
- Vanessa Coates, New York City
As I have aged, my cheek bones are less prominent and visibly look older. I saw several doctors and consultations that only suggested surgery for cheek implants. When I saw Dr. Shafer, he offered me Juvederm injections on the cheekbones to help fill the missing volume. We did the treatment on that visit. He just needs a few shots, but it made a big difference right away. I recommended Dr. Shafer to my friend and my two sisters already. He is excellent!
- Jade Ough, New York
My eyelids were hanging, and that seems much older than me. I was having trouble applying makeup and was not enough. My sister and I went to the office of Dr. Shafer for surgery. He conducted a surgery of the eyelids in the office and only took about an hour. The sutures were removed four days later and I'm back to work and feel much better about myself. We never thought that plastic surgery can be as easy and make a significant difference. We are indebted to Dr. Shafer skills and very happy with the results.
- B Trimli, Hoboken
I recently had liposuction of my chin by Dr. Shafer. I chose Smartlipo since he said it would good for such a small area and would not require general anesthesia. I am thrilled with the results!
- mary lankos, New York
I had breast implants several years ago in France and was never really happy with them. I recently moved to NYC and was referred to Dr. Shafer. He suggested that I have the implants replaced and a lift at the same time. I was scared about the lift incisions, but OMG the results are so nice. I am so happy I found Dr. Shafer.
- Des Cahir, Brooklyn
I've never had such an amazing experience in my life... what an amazing doctor and staff... Now that's what every doctor and staff such be and act like..they are very professional..A very positive experience! i've never been so happy with my stomach and legs in my life time.. It's even better now then when I was 25!!! Smart Lipo is the way to go and Dr Shafer is one of the best doctors I've ever found and truly love my results...results are everything...
- Kimberly Boggs, NYC
I highly recommend Dr. Shafer... He's not only a great surgeon he is one of the kindest and caring doctors I've ever been too... To find that in New York City is not so easy... I love the smart lipo! My stomach looks like a 21 year old..Now that is worth everything to feel that way and look that way again is priceless!!
- Kimberly blarson, NYC
Dr. Shafer is professional and makes you feel at ease. The reults from the Botox injections are very natural looking. I have used other doctors but find him to be one of the best. I shall continue to use him.
- gail small, new york
I highly recommend Dr. David Shafer for so many reasons. First and foremost, he listens seriously irrespective how minor your concern may be. Second, he is gentle on the botox injections and uses the best chemical peels. His office has the best moisture face cream for day and evening. I love his botox treatment, i think it is top of the line and i love it. My sister received skin injections and looks so youthful and had her neck done. She looks so beautiful and I was so happy to see her happy. He is part of our family now. I use his peel and botox, every 3 months and now am hooked and cannot wait to graduate to lipo on my "buttox" and stomach. He is going to be rich and I am going to be rich and i am going to be beautiful.
- Ayla Bakkalli, New York

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