I had my transplant done on a Friday and went to work the following Monday and no one noticed I had anything done. The surgery was very easy. My wife, who is a doctor, is amazed at the scar. That is, how unnoticeable the scar is. After a few months, the plugs grew in and I have a full head of hair again. After 8 months, it's like I turned the clock back 10 years. I'm even considering growing my hair long again, but short hair is easy care.
- John G, Katy
It has been over 11 months since I had my hair transplant. The transplanted hair has grown up to two inches and I am very pleased with it. Dr. Puig and his staff really did an outstanding job. I look about 5 years younger now and can't wait to look even younger when the transplanted hair has fully grown. Thanks Dr. Puig.
- Ricardo G, Houston

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