Dr. Hilinski has a very pleasant manner and his office staff was wonderful. I had surgery to repair a torn earlobe. The lobe was torn completely through. He was able to repair it and it looks fantastic. I would highly recommend him.
- Claire McCarthy, San Diego
... if one more person asks me where I got my hair cut! hey, its great... People can't figure out what happened, but everyone who didn't know I had a facelift (all three of them!) tell me I look so good... Long story short, I just got asked on a date... I haven't been on a date in 14 years. Of course, I said I couldn't, due to the fact that I am old enough to be his mother! But I am so jazzed that someone would even look at me twice now and not think of Depends and walkers! Bless you Dr. Hilinski and thanks!
- Kathy Bynon, San Diego
The deviation of my sptum was really bad that my left nostril was almost 100% blocked. As long as I remember I had problem breathing through my nose. I saw different surgeons and I guess they were not confident enough to fix my problem. I was referred to Dr. Hilinski by my primary physician. He was so confident that he could fix my problem and sure enough he did. He made me be able to breathe after 32 years. Visit him and you never want to see any other surgeon. Trust him, he's the best.

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