Dr. James Douglas is an amazing Doctor to work with. He and his staff make you feel so welcome and will help and answer any questions you have at any time, as many times. Getting your sonograms is also a great experience. The staff take such great care of you and always make sure you are comfortable with everything you are there to do. I was so happy to be apart of the team and look forward to going back for our second child. I was referred by and friend and now have referred so many others to them. It was a 30-40 minute drive for me every time I went and I would of driven 2 hours if that's how far it was. I felt like family there and highly, HIGHLY recommend this office and staff. AMAZING!!!!
- Anonomis Anonomis, Dallas
We are very grateful to God for the life he has given us. And we were so blessed to have the very "best" Doctor and Staff to make it happen. Thank you!
- Sherry Hines, Frisco
Dr. Douglas treated my wife for infertility. We ultimately had the IVF procedure. We now have two beautiful baby boys. Dr. Douglas and his staff were easy to work with; cordial; sympathetic to the traumatic condition they treat; and truly shared in the successes and disappointments of their patients. Dr. Douglas is truly a gift from God.
- Ed Richardson, Sherman
I used Dr. Douglas back in July 2000 using IVF/ICSI. I loved how Dr. Douglas and his staff were during our time of trying to conceive. I really like how straight he was on going straight to the procedure of IVF/ICSI first instead of trying the other methods prior which would have become extremely costly and with a negative outcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Douglas to anyone who is trying to conceive a child. With our first IVF/ICSI cycle, we conceived and to date have a happy and extremely healthy 3 1/2 year old little girl with 2 embryo's frozen, waiting to be born.
- Wendi Tanksley, Kemp
Dr. Douglas is continually listed in D Magazine's Best Doctors. He was responsible for the birth of 2nd child via IVF on our first attempt. He's a little reserved and quiet but don't let that fool you - the man and his staff are very qualified and compassionate.
- Cary Arzola, Plano

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