This 72 year old active and working woman from Snohomish County desired a non-surgical solution to provide volume and lift for her facial rejuvenation. She chose Artefill Dermal filler for her lasting solution.


This 72 year old active and working woman in snohomish county desired to seek out Artefill for her facial volumizing needs. She did not want to undergo surgery and therefore decided on the only permanent long term filler, Artefill.

This 52 year old athletic woman from Snohomish County desired a more permanent solution for her volume loss from her lower facial region. She turned to Artefill for her solution. This collagen stimulating product provides increased volume and lift for up to 5 years.


This patient is a 55 year old professional woman from Snohomish County who was looking for a long term filler for her nasolabial folds and marionette lines. She opted for Artefill and is thrilled with her amazing result. Her after photo was taken 4.5 years after her Artefill treatment. She has not required any touch-ups.

Breast Augmentation (Silicone Gel Implants)

This Bothell, WA woman was interested in a breast augmentation. She stated that she had seen women with breast implants that were too big but she also did not want to go small or have a natural breast. She is not a big woman so she chose a 371cc silicone breast implant. She was very happy with the result.
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Cosmetic Nose Surgery. This Seattle WA area woman was dissatisfied with the tip of her nose. She felt that she had a deflated nostril or a dented nose. Some also call this a pinched nose deformity. One prior attempt had been made to correct this problem. She sought a nose tip repair. She had a tip rhinoplasty and is seen here one year after a tip rhinoplasty.

Mommy Makeover

This 28 year old patient from Snohomish (Everett), was Washington interested in breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery also known as a Mommy Makeover. After having children, she lost volume in her breasts and lost the elasticity of the skin on her stomach. She is 6 months post-op bilateral breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty). She has 360 cc silicone implants placed through a periareolar incision and above the muscle. She is extremely happy with her new body.

Eyelid Lift Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

This 48 year old facial plastic surgery patient from Lake Stevens, WA, was unhappy with her natural aging process and sagging of her lower eyelids. She opted for a lower eyelid lift or blepharoplasty as well as Juvederm injection for her lips.

Eyelid Lift Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

This woman from Bothell, WA was intersested in an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty. She stated that she felt she had a tired look because of her eyes and that this look did not match her age and how she felt.

Breast Reduction Surgery

This woman from the Seattle, WA area had large breasts and was interested in breast reduction surgery. She said that her large breasts were at the same time painful and very distressing to her. She was embarrassed by their size and wanted a smaller breast, more suited to her body. About 700 grams of tissue was removed from each breast. After the procedure, she felt that she was a new woman! She no longer had the pain she used to have in her shoulders and neck she said that many people had asked her if she had lost weight. She was ecstatic with her new shape.

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