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Q&A: Would laser skin tightening help my sagging facial skin?

Thank you for your question. There are many factors that account for the aging process for which skin laxity is one. Wrinkles and skin quality changes and also loss of volume can also contribute significantly. All of these are treated in different ways. It certainly is not difficult to start with the basic treatments such as skin care and fillers and Botox, however to achieve greater results, more aggressive procedures such as face and neck and eyelid procedures may also be warranted. In any case, I would certainly invite you to schedule a consultation. I look forward to discussing this further. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Q&A: Would I be a candidate for a breast reduction after 2 back surgeries?

Hi Kim. Thanks for your question. It is possible that you would be able to have insurance coverage but there are a number of factors that would be necessary to evaluate. Please call the office to schedule a consultation. Look forward to meeting you. Have a great day!

Q&A: Can I have labiaplasty and not form a keloid?

Labiaplasty surgery carries a very minimal risk of scar thickening and keloids. The tissues are unlike the skin(dermis) and therefore not nearly as susceptible to such issues. Individuals who use tobacco seem to be at a higher risk for scar thickening, although I have not seen  any such scar problems in my patients in the 15 years I have performed labiaplasty.
Overall, labiaplasty carries a very small risk of scar thickening and a high satisfaction rating when performed by an experienced and meticulous Plastic Surgeon.

Q&A: What should I do about ankle pain after standing for long periods of time?

It’s hard to give you a truly meaningful answer without knowing more about you, this wound and other medical issues, but I’ll try my best. 
The key to closing ulcers, and I am assuming that your “wound” is an ulcer by virtue of the fact it’s celebrating its 22nd birthday, is in identifying the underlying cause of the ulcer.  One of the more common lower leg ulcers, usually just above the inside of the ankle, is a venous stasis ulcer which results from deep varicose veins that cause the blood to pool and collect in your lower legs.  This causes swelling and over time, a brownish-red staining of the skin called hemosiderin, and induration (a hardness and loss of elasticity of the skin in the area).  Since stasis or a pooling of the blood is the culprit in these cases, the treatment lies in compression, to help milk the blood back up to the heart.  In mild or early cases, this is done with compression stockings or support hose.  Once an ulcer develops, compression in the form of a soft cast (“Unna’s boot”) or a venous compression machine is used.  Keep in mind I am only guessing that the 22 year-old wound you have is a venous stasis ulcer.  Other leg ulcers that can be chronic are due to hypertension or other underlying disease.  If this is the case, nothing will close the ulcer without first addressing the underlying problem.
Venous stasis ulcers are usually painless.  They become painful when they get infected or the ulcer becomes very deep.  Pain is also associated with poor arterial circulation, which is a separate issue altogether.
The best advice I can give you is to not give up.  If this has been present for 22 years, I would speculate that you’ve been to your share of doctors about this and have gotten nowhere.  Leg ulcers are a specialized field and most doctors aren’t adept at diagnosing and treating them.  A vascular surgeon would be the best starting point for you, but if there is an underlying medical condition that is associated with the ulcer, an appropriate specialist would need to work together with your vascular surgeon to close it up.  There could very well be a serious problem here that can put your entire leg at risk, so please seek professional assistance without delay.
The best of luck to you Deidre.  I hope this helps.

Q&A: Would a doctor have done a tubal reversal if there was an issue with my uterus?

Tracy we don't usually look for this unless there miscarriage problems.
If the left side of the uterus is enlarged from the 2 prior pregnancies then you are more likely to make it to term beings the pregnancy is on that side. 

Q&A: How would I know if my tubes were tied or cut?

Dear Jessica,
The physician who performed your tubal ligation should be able to tell you what technique was used. You can request the operative report that describes how the procedure was performed in detail. That will help your physician decide if you are a candidate for tubal reversal surgery.  You should also know that advanced reproductive techniques like in vitro fertilization can also help you conceive a pregnancy without the need for tubal reversal. I would be happy to discuss this option with you further if you are interested. Please call my office to schedule a consultation. 
Best of luck,
Dr. Ghazal

Q&A: What is better chemical peel or laser C02?

It really depends on the patient’s skin type and the problem they are wishing to improve upon. I happen to do both chemical peels and laser treatment.

Q&A: What is the latest treatment for skin tag removal?

The best treatment for skin tags is simple excision. There is no better way. They should be numbed with lidocaine prior to excision. I hope this information helps.

Q&A: What should I do about my 6 year old's potty issues?

He could possibly have a spinal subluxation of his lumbar or sacral region creating nerve interference making it difficult for him to determine when gone has to go to the restroom. Take him to your local chiropractic physician for an evaluation. 

Q&A: Would moving and loss of friends cause me to get sick and lead to depression?

Hi Dadream,
Yes, the circumstances you describe may lead to depression, and I'm sorry you had to experience them.  It can be helpful for you to understand that you  don't have to continue to be depressed for the rest of your life.  Help is available so you can deal with your depression, better understand the circumstances that led to the depression, and move forward in having the life you want.

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