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Q&A: How long are withdrawal symptoms coming off Lexapro?

Hello Lauren,
 I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. First off, Please note that if you Find yourself Becoming Suicidal and or You find yourself Becoming Dangerous, please contact your doctor That is prescribing your drugs And/or Contact emergency services immediately. Please be sure to continue any psychological or supportive counseling work you are doing.  Having said that, it has been My clinical experience With patients tapering off medications that There is no one-size-fits-all for anyone tapering and or terminating Psychiatric medication. Some people do this very easily without much negative withdrawal affect, well others Have reported A terrific time 4 weeks and months. 

Q&A: How long will swelling last after arm lift surgery?

Thank You for your email.  The best option for you right now is to get a prescription from you doctor for a lympheden garment.  Sometimes what your describing can occur when having those procedures done.

Q&A: How would I go about picking a anxiety doctor?

Look for someone in your area who specializes in anxiety, as I do.  Often, anxiety is accompanied by depression or some other symptoms, so see if someone has expertise in those areas as well.  I have several other specialties, and see if those are also areas of concern for you.  Look  to see who has been working in those specialties for many years, as opposed  to just starting out.  Has someone published books or articles in professional journals in those areas?  You may need to look beyond the titles to see if they fit your circumstances. 
Is there a particular therapy approach you want to work with?  Do you understand the differences between those possible approaches to therapy?  You can learn something about that on my website.
While you may want  to find someone who is the least expensive, consider how you would balance your desire for cost savings vs. your desire for significant expertise and experience in the the areas you want help with.  Along that line, think about whether you need to stay within a certain insurance plan or would you be willing to go outside of that insurance plan to work with someone who has the expertise and significant experience you are looking for, even if it costs you more.
When you call the person, ask whatever questions may arise for you to see if that you feel comfortable talking with that person.  

Q&A: What can we do to help get pregnant after losing pregnancy within 1-3 months?

Dear Kennedy,
Your wife needs to have testing to determine why she is having the miscarriages.  Once we know the reason for the miscarriages the treatment can be quickly determined and implemented.
Feel free to call our office at 972-612-2500 to make a consultation.
Best regards,

Q&A: Will eyelid surgery help me see clearer?

Hey Joyce,
Thank you for your question.  It sounds like you are have vision problems due to excess upper eyelid skin and would benefit from an upper eyelid lift.  This is typically covered by insurance.  Set up a time to see a board certified plastic surgeon to see what is best for you.

Q&A: How can I resolve panic attacks with propanolol?

Good question. I would be interested in how a medical doctor would respond to it.  I am a psychologist and would not give out advice regarding particular medications and such treatment, or psychiatric Intervention control.  as I do not believe You can treat a psychological condition with a biological intervention, such as psychiatric drugs. You certainly can control the other symptoms, but this again is not actual treatment, but rather control through chemical restraint.

Q&A: Does fat grafting alone work to fill out lower quarter inner portion of breast that is missing after a lumpectomy?

Of course that would depend on the extent of the defect.  Additionally, while the initial results of fat grafting are often highly satisfactory, the long term fate of the grafted fat is still uncertain.  Still, in many cases, it is a very worthwhile alternative to more complex reconstructive procedures.

Q&A: How long do withdrawal symptoms from Adderall last?

Hey Isiah,
You are correct.  Withdrawal symptoms do not last that long.  I do think that you could benefit from seeing a psychologist for therapy, as your symptoms are not typical neurological symptoms, and are most likely caused by emotional issues.  By the way 105 percent certainty is not possible since 100 percent is total certainty.  If one has psychosomatic problems they are almost always caused b unconscious emotions that are converted into physical symptoms so usually the person experiencing the sensation is not aware of the cause. 
Since you have ruled out physical causes you really do not have a choice but to investigate further the emotional causes.  Sure there could be some physical cause that medicine may not be able to detect for 50 years, but emotional issues can be complex and often masquerade as physical problems as well.  Since I doubt you would want to wait for a medical test that may never come, why not investigate further the emotional part of the problem.  If I had those sensations, I am sure that I would be pretty upset. 

Q&A: How long does swelling last after arm lift surgery?

That’s one of those “great” question that are almost impossible to answer accurately, due to individual differences.  As a general rule, I would say that three months is a good average.  That’s when we normally take our post operative photographs and we find that most patients have lost most, if not all, of the swelling.  Of course the scars take a lot longer to mature and you should be thinking of a year or so for them to look near their best.

Q&A: How much do fat transfer typically cost?

Thank you for your question. Fat transfer is very reliable way of enhancing the contour of the buttocks.  Costs will vary depending on each patient's desire and expectations with regard to their final result. This is all related to the amount of time that it would take in surgery. The final determination will depend on personal evaluation with each patient. I would invite you to contact the office at 866-646-6136 to schedule a consultation or more details can be provided. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day.

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