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Q&A: Can sagging skin on upper thighs be corrected at same time as tummy tuck?

Absolutely, both the abdomen and the thighs can be addressed at the same operation. However, this is rather lengthy surgery and you as the patient must be in excellent health to withstand both operations at once.

Q&A: After bad acne reaction to makeup, what do you recommend for scar removal?

Dear Marie, I wish it was easy to remove scars. It depends upon their character and depth. If they are very deep, they may need to be surgically removed. If more superficial, a type of deep resurfacing will improve them markedly and, if very superficial, a light treatment such as microdermabrasion performed a few times will make them much better. I would suggest that you visit with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who offers all of the options in order to determine what is best for you.

Q&A: Is there any way to reshape my calf area without the calf implant surgical procedure?

Dear Yahaira, I take it that you mean to make them larger. I would suggest that the only way of making the area larger would be through calf exercise with heavy weight to promote increase in muscle size. It is my opinion that fat grafting does not work at all on such a large area and there are many problems with calf implants.

Q&A: After bad acne reaction to makeup, how can I have scars removed?

I would wait at least 6 months before I would attempt any surgical endeavor. It is difficult to evaluate over the internet. A trip to a plastic surgeon/dermatologist is in order.

Q&A: At 44 years old I am a colon cancer survivor. Is there any risk for having Botox?

Botox varies in price across the country. I charge $300 for injection of each paired muscle group (like the frown lines between your eyebrows) and I do not charge for re-injection if necessary, one week later if it has not been 100% effective. Different people charge different amounts. It is very safe with the biggest risk being incompetent injection and thus effect on other surrounding muscles (like those that keep the eye open). I would suggest that you visit with a plastic surgeon for your injection to minimize the risks.

Q&A: If I have Meniere Disease and Tinnitus, can a tube be placed in my ear to drain the fluid?

Because of the location of the fluid, (if that is the cause) it can't be drained with a tube as may be done for a person with chronic otitis.
The cause of Meniere's is not fully understood, but can be treated with nausea medication, motion sickness medication or diuretics.

Q&A: I have a fibroid, will I still be able to get pregnant at age 37?

It is important to know where the fibroid is within the uterus. If it is not inside the uterine cavity itself, then it is questionable if it would affect your fertility but may cause pain during pregnancy.  

 If it does protrude into the uterine cavity, then fertility will definitely be compromised unless it is removed. Becoming pregnant is usually not advised for 6 month after removing this type of fibroid, but your age needs to be taken into consideration.   If you are over 35, it is possible to preserve your fertility until your uterus is healed.  This is done by going through an InVitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle but instead of putting the embryos back into your uterus, they are cryopreserved (frozen in time) until the uterus is healed.  

The good news is that if the fibroid is entirely within the intrauterine cavity, it can be removed with hysteroscopy surgery and attempting pregnancy would not need to be delayed significantly. 

Q&A: If I did liposuction, is there a treatment to take away my stretch marks?

Liposuction would not have an appreciable effect on stretch marks.  Liposuction removes fat, which is in a different layer of the skin than the stretch marks.  Stretch marks at the surface are normally treated with lasers.

Q&A: How much does it cost to get a butt injection?

Fat transfer is a simple concept where Dr. Magassy removes fat from areas in the body where it is abundant, and places it in the areas where it is needed.  Fat transfer is a safe, natural, non-allergenic procedure designed to re-contour.  The advantages are natural looking results, long-term enhancement, quick recovery period and no scarring.  Fat is abundant, easily molded, has a natural feel and look, can be permanent and does not cause any allergic reactions like implants can.

Fat grafting to the buttocks for augmentation is a safe and effective way to improve the aesthetic contour.  Dr. Magassy’s fee is approximately $5500.00.  We do accept Care Credit which may be an option of a payment plan for you.  

Q&A: I found out I have a cyst on my ovaries, when will the pain go away?

It sounds like you got a good diagnosis in the ER, but only temporary treatment, which is what they are set up to provide. Unless you are still in severe pain, you should make a follow-up appointment with your Family Physician or Gynecologist for further treatment options. This could include anything from pain medication, hormonal therapy or surgery, depending on your individual situation.

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