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Q&A: What is the cost of laser skin resurfacing?

Hello marie,
Thank you for your question. The laser can vary depending on the extent of treatment that you desire and also the potential for more than one treatment. This can range from 1500 to $2,500 per session depending on the circumstances. I would encourage you to call the office at 586-776-3223 and set up a consultation to further discuss the specifics of your situation. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day.


Q&A: Am I too old at 49 years old to conceive after having a tubal ligation reversal?

At 49 years old, the only reasonable treatment option is in vitro fertilization (IVF) using eggs donated from a younger woman.  There is no concern regarding your ability to carry a pregnancy and your pregnancy, miscarriage and birth defect rates would all be the same as if the egg donor was going through IVF herself.  

Q&A: Would trying to increase testosterone level make my man boob smaller?

No, it would not.   There are many things that make gynecomastia more likely or worse, but once you get it, the only way to remove it is through surgery.

Q&A: As a student, what can I do to help with my depression and overwhelming anxiety?

Being aware of the difficulties you are having is a very helpful step to being able to start addressing things and finding your way back to wholeness and peace in your life. When you know that the symptoms that you are having will become a barrier to your success, getting help is certainly the right thing to do. It is possible that there are options for medication that can be helpful in situations such as the one that you describe, but to determine this you would need to consult with and be treated by a psychiatrist. From the description of some of the things that this has been rooted in, you would also be advised to seek out psychotherapy to go along with the use of medication. This provides the opportunity for people who have things going on like you have described to address some of the underlying contributors to feelings of depression and anxiety as well as to develop coping techniques that will maximize your chance of success. Ideally, when this course of action is followed, the psychotherapist and psychiatrist will be able to work together and with you form a team to address everything that is going on.

Q&A: Is there other options besides a tubal reversal to get pregnant?

The alternative to tubal reversal is In Vitro Fertilization or IVF.  Prices vary around the country from a low of around $6000 per cycle to $25,000 or more.  I hope this is helpful.

Q&A: What would cause abdominal issues after a tubal ligation?

Although a post-tubal ligation syndrome has been reported with pain and/or abnormal periods following tubal ligation, most doubt that it is a real condition.  Tubal reversal can restore your fertility but I wouldn’t expect it to relieve your pain.  However, other potential causes of pain, such as endometriosis or scar tissue,  may be diagnosed and treated at the time of the tubal reversal.

Q&A: What are the best options to get pregnant after a tubal reversal?

There are only 2 options for conceiving following tubal ligation.  Tubal ligation reversal is an outpatient surgical procedure.  Assuming a good length of normal tube and no other significant infertility factors, it will restore fertility back to normal.  The risks of bleeding, infection, damage to other organs and reactions to anesthesia are extremely low.  The other option is IVF which also has a high rate of success and avoids surgery.  However, it requires daily injections for 2-4 weeks, frequent office visits for monitoring with blood work and ultrasounds and nonsurgical procedures to remove the eggs and place the fertilized eggs into the uterus.  The risk with IVF are multiple pregnancy and over-stimulating the ovaries.  The cost to achieve a pregnancy is generally lower with tubal reversal than IVF but prices vary by provider. 

Q&A: Should I be worries about a double toe nail?

The old nail was probably damaged by some sort of trauma. It could have been a slight injury to a long toenail...runners often experience this situation. The new nail takes up to a year to grow out and push off the old nail. 
I hope this helps.

Q&A: After 5 years of having tubes tied, can I get pregnant again?

The duration from tubal ligation to reversal does not affect success rates.  The factors that are significant are the length of tubes available to repair, the site and technique of the tubal ligation, the age of the woman, and the presence of other infertility factors such as scar tissue, endometriosis or a poor semen analysis.

Q&A: Would I have too much scar tissue after weight loss surgery and a tummy tuck to get pregnant?

Fortunately, the weight loss surgery is done in the upper abdomen and the tummy tuck only involves the abdominal wall; the abdominal/pelvic cavity is not entered.  Therefore, scarring in the pelvis which could compromise the ability to perform a tubal reversal, or success rates afterwards, should not be an issue.

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