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Q&A: I would like to know if Lasek surgery can cause cataracts?

LASEK or PRK itself is not a known cause of cataracts as the laser does not penetrat through the cornea. Topical cortico-steroids that are used in refractive procedures can in some cases cause cataracts after prolonged use (many months or years), which is not usually the case with refractive surgery.

Q&A: What type of surgery is there for a three year old with a droopy right eye lid?

I suggest that you speak to an oculoplastic surgeon. Andrew Caster, MD

Q&A: When will the pain end for the impacted wisdom tooth I had extracted 5 weeks ago?

Sorry to hear about your problem. Unfortunately without having your original xray to review I can only tell you that it is not uncommon to have a prolonged recovery time at your age with the removal of a difficult wisdom tooth. From what you described it sounds as if your doctor has done all the right things by taking a xray and placing you on antibiotics for a short period of time. I am sorry that they did not explain the potential for delayed healing prior to your surgery. In many situations it may take up to 2 minths to obtain a complete recovery. Good Luck

Q&A: Is there anything else you may recommend besides acupuncture, reflexology and herbs to get pregnant?

Dear Kathy There are other ways to stimualte your ovaries gentler. I do not recommend you waste more time on these other techniques since you only have one tube and you have been trying for some time. Good luck 

Q&A: Is it at all possible I could become pregnant without invasive treatments?

It's possible to conceive with your FSH levels, although the likelihood is low. Also, you would be at a very increased risk for miscarriage, due to diminished egg quality. I hope the acupuncture and herbs help! Good luck.... 

Q&A: My 51 year old mother has severe pain, what can I do?

Tabitha, This sounds very frustrating to you and i can understand. Has she tried acupuncture? This would be my next step if you have exhausted all other fields. I don't know why her head jerks. I wish I could help you. My last question is did the chiropractor actually perform manipulation. what i mean is did he/she actually move the bones where your mom heard a popping noise in the neck. Many chiropractors do not perform manipulation but actually utilize different methods and people tend to think that is what chiropractic is. I have come across this many times and then they go to a chiropractor get a "real" adjustment and feel better. I am not saying that the chiropractor did not perform his/her job just giving you something to ask your mom. there has to be some answer. She is too young. good luck. Dr. Sambursky

Q&A: I was hit in the face with a baseball bat, can the scar be fixed to look normal?

Most likely the bubble on the lip is the result of scar in the vermilion (pink portion of the lip) which frequently looks like a raised area. A lip scar revision can be performed to remove the scar and get a smooth vermilion again without a noticeable hump or bubble.

Q&A: Every time I have sex, I am constipated for quite awhile afterwards. Is that normal?

It is unlikely that these two items are related. See your family doctor if this problem continues.

Q&A: How long does liposuction take and what is the recovery time?

Dear Laura, Liposuction generally takes about one hour per paired area done (like outer thighs or abdomen). The areas that you mention are safely done at one time as long as the volume removed is not too great and you are in good general health. Recovery is also based on amount removed. Usually about two weeks should be allowed for full recovery but one week is all needed for most patients.

Q&A: How can I go about selling my fertility eggs to families in need?

Check with your local medical society for "IVF programs that use egg donation". Dr. Roseff Visit us at

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