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Q&A: What would be the cost of a birthmark removal?

Hi May,
The cost of birthmark removal will ultimately depend on the size and appearance of the birthmark.
Have you had a dermatologist look at it to make sure that it is benign?
If so, the price range is $150 to 275 depending on size.
Hope that helps

Q&A: Is there another medical way to grow back hair besides hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplants can vary greatly depending on the number of grafts you desire or need. Depending on the circumstances surgeries start at $3000. 
Once a hair follicle is gone there is no way to bring it back to the bare skin without transplantation. However there are many cases with very fine hairs that still have a little life in them that can be encouraged to continue to grow and sometimes return to their original size with various treatments and medications. Your best option is to schedule a free consult with our office so we can review your specific case and come up with the best option(s)  for your circumstances. 

Q&A: Is nipple reduction a safe procedure and what does it normally cost?

Nipple reduction surgery is safe and effective in experienced hands. There are various types of procedures depending on the individuals' goals and anatomy.  The areola may be reduced as well as the nipple itself. Scars are well hidden with both procedures and the recovery period is relatively short.
Each procedure carries different fees and can range between $1800-$3000.

Q&A: Can I have vision correction surgery after 50 years ago?

Nelly, It would be our pleasure to assist you. Great news, you can have LASIK when you are over 40!  We assist many patients in their 40s and 50s.  Please call us at your earliest convenience.  Thanks!  

Q&A: What should I do about a scar from a breast reduction 10 years ago that is opening?

Scars can stretch out with time.  Without seeing what the scars look like, it is very difficult to give you my opinion.  I would recommend that you see a plastic surgeon and have him or her evaluate your scarring.  Best wishes.

Q&A: Will Medicare or Medicaid cover liposuction since it will help with my overall health?

I hate to disappoint you but I Know of no situation where Medicare or Medicaid would cover liposuction unless it was done for a specific health reason.

Q&A: What is the cost of a deviated septum surgery?

Q&A: Is it possible to have weight loss surgery and get around scar tissue on my stomach lining?

It really depends what surgery you had in the past to cause the scar tissue.  The chances are the you would still be a candidate for weight loss surgery.

Q&A: What is the procedure for a circumcision and what is the cost?

Hello Sir,
Thank you for inquiry regarding Pacific Coast Urology’s circumcision procedure. 
Dr. Pugach uses a freehand method because he feels it achieves a superior cosmetic result than with the old fashioned clamp method.  He has been in practice for over 25 years.  He estimates that he has done more than 1000 circumcisions. 
For patients without insurance, our current special cash pricing is as follows:
$100 for the initial consultation
$845 for Dr. Pugach's surgical fee
$1100 for facility fee (includes all surgery center and anesthesia charges) This fee is payable to the surgery center no later than the day of surgery.  They accept most major credit cards and cash payments
$2,045 - Total
If you have insurance, we are happy to check your benefits for you.  We take most PPOs and a limited number of medical groups for HMOs.  Please note that, while we are not contracted with any of Affordable Care Act Exchanges, we are happy to see you as an out of network provider.  You may be able to receive partial reimbursement from your Exchange.  I can give you more details when we talk.
Whether you are coming as a cash patient, or an insured patient who has a co-payment or deductible amount due, any portion due for your consult is due on the day of your consult, and any balance for your procedure must be paid in full for the procedure 14 days prior to your procedure date.  We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or a cashier’s check.  While we do not offer financing,  you can send prearranged payments in advance and once we receive payment in full, we can book your procedure.  You and I would work this out ahead of time.  
All of our surgical fees are inclusive - there are no hidden or extra charges and they include all routine post-operative visits. 
I hope I have answered your questions.  Please give us a call to book an appointment for your initial consultation.  We look forward to welcoming you soon at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, the practice of Dr. Robert Pugach, named as one of America's Top Physicians for 7 years in a row!  
-Kimberly S. Pugach
Physician and Patient Outreach

Q&A: What is the test for allergies?

Environmental allergies can be tested through skin tests or blood tests. Skin tests are more sensitive than blood. Correlation with the clinical history is important to assess the relevance of the test results. Food allergies can also be tested through skin or blood tests, but there are times when the allergy is unclear and a food challlenge is necessary. Food challenges use the actual food in incremental doses to look for objective signs of allergy. Contact allergies are diagnosed through Patch skin tests using materials on the skin that are worn for 2 days.

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