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Q&A: What is the cheapest but safest plan to have artificial insemination?

Thank you for your email inquiry.  An insemination occurs in the office after the specimen is washed in the lab.  The total cost of the IUI is $353 and includes the wash and insemination.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Q&A: Is it possible breast cancer returned between my saline implant and chest wall?

Cancer recurrence is not likely to occur between the breast implant and the chest wall. More likely you have developed capsular contracture around the implant, which is common in reconstructed breasts particularly those that have had radiation as part of their treatment. Capsular contracture commonly causes chest wall pain as well as referred pain to the armpit region.

Q&A: Can a tummy tuck help with my back pain?

Tummy tucks are indicated for individuals who are of a healthy weight and are looking to trim extra skin after weight loss or pregnancies. It is not a means of weight loss nor a treatment for back pain. 
Also if you have significant fat deposits along the  abdomen a tummy tuck will not yield good results and proper healing.
It is difficult to advise you of your best options without an examination and medical history, but a tummy  tuck may not be your best option.

Q&A: Can shake weight exercises cause veins to appear on hands and arms?

With increased exercise, there are increased needs for vascular inflow and outflow. It is possible that your new veins are associated with increased exercise but there is nothing to be concerned about here. Thank you very much.

Q&A: What can I do for harsh scars left from severe acne from my teenage years?

Thank you for your question.  It would be helpful to know your age and some other medical history but from the information provided there are technologies such as the eMatrix or Fractional CO2 that would help.  Much also depends on the type of acne scar you have. The best thing to do would be to consult a doctor who is well versed in laser technologies as they would have several options available to you and can explain the benefits of each one.

Q&A: How old do you have to be to get a fat injection?

There is really no specific age for fat transfer. 
If you are a good candidate for surgery and the procedure is indicated for you, then age would not determine your ability to have the procedure.
If you are under 18, however, you would need parental consent to have any procedure. 
For which area are you considering fat transfer?

Q&A: Why am I experiencing pain in my ovaries?

Thank you for your email inquiry. There could be any number of reasons that you are experiencing pelvic pain. You should see your ob/gyn to discuss.

Q&A: What would the approximate cost to remove a mole from my upper back?

Hello Jen and thank you for writing in.  Several things factor into mole removal pricing.  First the size of the moles which are measured at your visit.  Whether or not the mole can be removed without stitches is also a determining factor.  Lastly, moles that are on the face usually cost more than moles on the body.  Pricing can therefore vary greatly but usually starts around $125.  I hope this answers your question!

Q&A: What criteria should I consider for a tubal ligation reversal doctor?

Thank you for your email inquiry.  When looking for a physician, the most important thing to look for is a physician who performs both tubal reversal’s and in vitro fertilization.  This will ensure you will get quoted your best chances of conceiving.

Q&A: Can acupuncture help with major depression disorder?

Acupuncture can certainly be very helpful for all sorts of depression and anxiety disorders. However, I do not recommend that acupuncture be your sole means of treatment for major depressive disorder. It is important that you also be seeing a psychiatrist and/or counselor that you trust and are comfortable with. Acupuncture can enhance the effectiveness of any other therapy that you are doing, and help to control any uncomfortable side effects.

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