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Q&A: What are my options to remove two small moles on my face?

Yes, our Erbium:YAG laser can successfully remove moles with little to no scarring.  Was it biopsied the last time it was removed? You would want to make sure that it is not something more worrisome.  Best regards, Dr. Wendel

Q&A: What type of doctor would help with a mole removal?

Dear Cindy,
The dermatologist probably made the decision to first shave the mole in order to yield a superior aesthetic result.  Had the mole been completely safe, no further treatment would have been needed and you would have been saved stitches and the resulting linear scar.

Q&A: Could I get pregnant after a tubal ligation and lost ovary?

Thank you for your email inquiry.  In order to determine whether you are a candidate for a tubal reversal or not, please follow the steps on our getting started link of our tubal reversal website..  Once we have receive all of the appropriate forms and reports, including the pathology report if applicable, we will then have a physician review for determination. After the physician has reviewed, I will give you a call and discuss the determination and then work on setting up a consultation if you are an appropriate candidate.
The total cost of the surgery is $5926 and includes the physician, facility, and anesthesia fees.  The surgery fee is not due until after the surgery has been scheduled.
Please let me know if you have further questions.

Q&A: What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a well validated type of psychotherapy, which effectively relieves syptoms of a variety of conditions, such as depression and anxiety.   There are a variety of books and workbooks you can access to learn the skills.  I particularly like Albert Ellis' book How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything, Yes Anything!, as well as the workbook The Thoughts and Feelings Workbook by McKay, Davis and Fanning.  Often people can use such resources without without the help of a therapist but frequently such books can compliment working with a therapist who helps them apply the skills.   

Q&A: How do I get rid of a discoloration from a burn mark?

Hi Selma.
We have a Sciton laser that may help.  Give us a call and we can do a test spot and see if there is any improvement.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Q&A: Would I be able to get pregnant after having an Essure procedure?

The Essure procedure was originally intended for women who are not planning to conceive. In some cases the Essure device protrudes into the uterine cavity and can effect an embryo from implanting. If so, it would be best to remove them before doing IVF. Some fertility physicians place them intentionally in patients with damaged fallopian tubes, but that is controversial. It is best for you to evaluate your uterine cavity to help decide if removing them is the best option for you.

Q&A: What can I do to help my eye that's becoming sunken and small?

This is not a condition that we treat.  We would treat the loose skin around the eye, but not the condition that you mentioned.  This would not fall under the scope of plastic surgery.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q&A: What should I know to alleviate back pain from large breasts?

Hello Maryann,
You seem to be suffering from symptomatic macromastia which is neck and back pain due to the heavy weight of the breasts. Breast reduction surgery not only reduces the size of the breasts to a more comfortable and proportionate cup, it also provides a lift and more pleasing shape. Plastic Surgeons perform this type of surgery as we do at Village Plastic Surgery, and our breast reduction patients account for some of our happiest! There are well placed scars that fade with time and the ability to breast feed may be affected.(Most women breast feed partially). 
You would benefit from an evaluation from a back specialist to ensure there are no other contributing causes of your back discomfort.
This procedure is truly designed to achieve comfort as weight loss is usually not sufficient to reduce the size of the breasts. Posture is improved and the strain upon the neck, shoulders and back are relieved effectively. Your quality of life will be enhanced in that you can participate in a greater number of activities more comfortably and clothing choices will be more liberal.

Q&A: Would vaginal rejuvenation be helpful to alleviate discomfort from lichens sclerosus?

I’m glad you asked this question.  Vaginal Rejuvenation involves tightening the vagina. This will not help with lichen sclerosus. I do, however, offer an exciting new therapy called the O-Shot. The O-Shot is a vaginal treatment that is regenerative in nature and uses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) from your own blood to help the nerves. I have used it successfully with several of my lichen sclerosus patients.

Q&A: What can I do to help with scars from removed tattoos?

The options will be based on the scars.  This is a difficult question to answer without seeing the area of concern.  I would strongly suggest a consultation so that you may receive accurate information.

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