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Q&A: Can liquid nitrogen treatment help treating my melasma?

Dear Anna................I would definitely NOT recommend liquid nitrogen to treat melasma as this approach would very likely result in possible hypo-pigmentation or white blotches on the skin. Melasma is better taken care of with either medical grade skin care or light/medium chemical certain unique cases one may consider either certain non-ablative lasers or intensed pulsed light.

Q&A: Should I have the surgery to remove the pterygium in my eyes?

A pterygium does not need to be removed if it is not interfering with your vision or your comfort level. It should be monitored because if it starts to grow to the center of your cornea it will not only interfere with your vision when it is removed it may leave a scar that can affect your vision.

Q&A: Will BOTOX help with chronic gum pain?

Although trigeminal neuralgia is not the same condition that you are referring to, consulting a neurologist trained in relieving pain stemming from this similar disorder may be helpful to you. Hope this is helpful.

Q&A: How much does it cost for a hair transplant?

Kevin, that depends upon how many grafts we transplant.  A typical fee is about $6000.00

Q&A: What are the costs and the requirements for gender reassignment surgery?

The cost and requirements for gender surgery is an extremely complex question. You need to narrow down the question to one specific type of surgery (i.e double mastectomy for female to male or breast augmentation for male to female). A good resource is or my website.

Q&A: Why do I have anxiety when taking sertraline?

I advise you to inform your primary care doctor or the doctor prescribing your medication about your symptoms as soon as possible so that he or she can assess what might be going on and treat it appropriately.  I’m not an MD.

Q&A: Are bruises on my knees normal after having them adjusted?

This depends on a number of factors. What you can do is give us a call and we can ask you additional information and help you find a solution to your question. Some patients have certain conditions were they can bruise easily after a practitioner touches them and other times it can be from being too rough with a patient in order to accomplish a successful treatment during that visit.

Q&A: Will the fertility procedure work after a tubal pregnancy?

You only need one tube and one ovary to conceive.  So as long as you are ovulating good eggs and the left tube is functional then you should be able to conceive.  You have have an increased ectopic risk in that tube also.

Q&A: Is it even possible for me to get pregnant if i have a tubal reversal?

IVF would be far more likely to work and usually costs less and does not require surgery.

Q&A: What does having no distal portion of a tubal reversal mean?

They were unable to perform a tubal reversal on the left side because they didn’t have both parts of the tube to attach.  You will need to ask the surgeon if he was able to reconnect the right tube.  I would suggest that you undergo an X-ray procedure, called a hysterosalpingogram, to see if the right tube is open.

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