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Q&A: What should I do about a mole that has changed size?

Moles come in many different varieties.  A mole that changes in size, color or dimension or a mole that "just doesn't look right" is cause for concern.  The best thing to do is have a trained eye examine the mole for irregularities.  Then a determination can be made as to whether a biopsy is needed.  If not, it can still be removed if its appearance bothers you.  The cost depends on the size of the mole which will be measured at the time of the appointment..  I hope this answers your question!

Q&A: Can laser remove hair on my chin and lip from thyroxin?

Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately, lasers are not yet effective for the light or peach fuzz hairs.  There are pigmenting agents on the market that help but it's a very tedious process that ultimately only works for a small percentage of the hairs.  But if the hair has even a bit of color and you are fair skinned it could potentially work and may be worth a try.
I hope this answers your question!

Q&A: Could I get a nose job at the age of 15 years old?

It is impossible to say for sure without seeing you but in general there should not be any reason you could not have the surgery. 
Typically the rhinoplasty procedure can be done during the teen years.
Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area and they will guide you as to the proper approach and the timing.

Q&A: What options do I have after complications from saline breast implants?

You may be a candidate for silicone gel implants which have a much lower incidence of rippling. Please call for an appointment at 877-915-3318. 

Q&A: What is the best option for lip augmentation that is permanent?

Hi Marissa,
There are a few options. The first would be the insertion of a permanent material called gore-tex. although this won't absorb, your body will form scar tissue around it and it can leave scar deformities and an unnatural feel. This is not my first choice for enhancement. Another choice is a permanent filler but these can result in irregular scarring as well and an unnatural feel. I believe the best option for lip enhancement is fat grafting or transfer which uses your own body fat and places it into the lips. Although fat can be unpredictable with regard to volume loss, once integrated, it has the potential to last a lifetime. Fat is yours and its natural and has no equal to it's look and Feel when it's all healed. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day.

Q&A: Is it possible at 44 to have a tubal ligation reversal and have a baby?

Thank you for your email inquiry. Our age cut off is 45. You would need to complete all the forms from our website plus obtain a copy of the operative report and pathology report if applicable. Once we receive that information we can then review.

Q&A: Is bioidentical hormone therapy as effective in strength as synthetic hormone injections?

Thank you for your question.  Bioidentical hormones are actually, in my opinion, more beneficial than injectable hormones with less side effects and risks.  I do not recommend synthetic hormones of any kind.  Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is currently my option of choice.  Stay away from the fake stuff!

Q&A: Is there any way to help shed the pounds off faster?

Hello Wayne and thank you for your question.  The first thing I would do is see your doctor and have some laboratory values checked to make sure there is no underlying medical cause for your inability to lose weight.  It is not uncommon to have thyroid disease such as hypothyroidism that can make it very difficult to lose weight despite your efforts.  Once treated, the weight comes off provided you continue to eat right and exercise.  There are also non-invasive body shaping technologies that destroy fat without surgery..This is effective for problem areas such as the love handles.  I hope this helps!

Q&A: What can I do about extremely dry hands and palms that split open and bleed?

Hi Bill and thank you for your question.  Cracked, dry skin is definitely a common problem, especially in the winter.  Determining the cause of the issue is often helpful in finding an adequate solution.  It would be helpful to know, for example, if your job or any activities you do on a regular basis involve water.  This can exacerbate the problem and prolong the healing time.  Since it's been going on for so long I think the best thing to do is consult a doctor who will be able to make the proper recommendations.
It is definitely treatable though and usually involves a regimen of ointments/gloves and sometimes anti-fungal or antibiotic agents as well.  If you can't see a doctor for whatever reason, try using straight up vaseline overnight with gloves on for several nights.  This will help the symptoms but my guess is there may be an instigating factor that needs to be addressed to "cure" the problem.  I hope this helps.

Q&A: Can my breasts be lifted up after lots of weight loss?

Yes, this is very common with that much weight loss, congratulations!
We often to breast lifts after weight loss, with or without augmentation. 
Please call to schedule a consultation appointment, and I would be happy to evaluate your tissues, and desires, so we can accomplish what is best for you. 
We see new patients on Tuesday and Friday afternoon. 

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