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Q&A: What is Schizoaffective?

I would like to discuss this with you, so please call my office to schedule a free 10-minute telephone consult with me.  Thank you.

Q&A: Is it normal to see bubbles inside the eye after retina surgery?

Please contact your Retina doctor today.  Thanks for the inquiry.  

Q&A: What kind of scars result from an areola reduction?

Areola even reduction is a procedure  that can be performed under local anesthesia(awake with numbing the area) to create areola that are aesthetically proportionate to the breasts. This technique can also provide a small lift if desired.
The scars run all around the areola and may look puckered at first.  They become smooth as the area heals and barring weight gain in the breasts, the results are long lasting. When performed properly by an experienced Plastic Surgeon, the size of the areola remain stable as permanent stitches are interlocked for support. 
Scarring is always a concern and must be weighed against your dissatisfaction with your appearance.  Well concealed, flat scars are a good trade off for an undesirable appearance as they fall nicely along the natural areolar borders.
Plastic Surgeons set  their own policies regarding cosmetic consultations, and some are complimentary while others charge a fee.  It's best to select and experienced, Board certified  and caring surgeon who understands your goals.
You can review the expected results, risks, benefits, options and recovery as well as surgical fees during the consultation.
Best of luck in your search.

Q&A: What is the best way to have a baby after my tubes were cut?

There are 2 options for fertility treatment after having a tubal ligation; tubal reversal surgery and in vitro fertilization (IVF.) Tubal reversal is a procedure in which a physician reconnects your fallopian tubes. Depending on many factors, this surgery is not able to be performed. If the physician is able to reconnect your tubes, your chances of conceiving naturally are lower than with IVF. There are pros and cons to both procedures; neither option is typically covered by any insurance plan. Ultimately, your best option is to meet with a HealthCare provider who is able to fully discuss both options is a good first step. In addition to meeting with a reproductive specialist, testing will ensure that you are able to produce healthy eggs and that your partner has adequate sperm, to fertilize your eggs. You and your healthcare provider will be able to work together and determine the best option for your individual situation.

Q&A: How many treatments would be needed to remove two birthmarks?

Removal of the birthmarks will all depend on how big they are.  I would begin with a consultation visit, where we will discuss issues such as reasons for wanting the procedure, desired outcome, and various options available.

Q&A: Would an Atlas Orthogonal adjustment would help with my head and neck injury?

Hello Chris,
Thank you for inquiring with me regarding your neck and head issue.  I don't have enough of a history or any physical examination findings to go by and it would be helpful to know if you've had other imaging studies (MRI, CT scan) ordered on your head/neck aside from the plain film radiographs (x-rays) ordered in the office by your current chiropractor.  An Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor will likely treat you in a similar fashion to how you are currently being treated.  If you've had no relief or changes demonstrated on updated x-rays in 8 months, more of the same will likely not help.  My advice would be to seek a second (or third) opinion regarding your neck and head symptoms.  I don't know where you are located, but I would be happy to help you find someone nearby who can properly assess your neck and head.  If I can help further, please let me know.

Q&A: With gynecomastia surgery, if the glands are removed, how is it possible for them to start growing again?

We never remove 100% of the glandular tissue for two reasons:  first, the tissue is so intimately adherent to the underside of the areolae that we would probably damage the circulation, if we tried to remove is all.  Second, we don’t want to leave a depression under the areolae.
Theoretically then if someone really juiced it up on anabolic steroids, it is theoretically possible to have a recurrence, though I will tell you I have never seen a recurrence in my practice.
I hope this has been helpful to you.

Q&A: What procedure should I get to help with my breasts looking like deflated balloons?

Let me begin by saying congratulations on your weight loss! You will probably need a Mastopexy  (Breast Lift) with a possible Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants). These procedures are considered cosmetic therefore they are not covered by insurance. If you’re interested in a free consultation please call us and schedule an appointment.

Q&A: Would I be a candidate for a gastric bypass revision with weight gain and ulcers?

Marginal ulcers are not generally a basis for a revision, and neither is weight regain. Most insurance companies will pay for a revision if an aspect of the original surgery is broken – for example along the staple line. Prevention of ulcers is the first step, which would include avoiding smoking, alcohol, and NSAIDs. If you are already avoiding those three things, then it may be worth a diet analysis with a physician or dietitian that specializes in post- weight loss surgery follow up. We have very successfully treated weight regain through our non-surgical weight loss management program under the guidance of our obesity medicine specialist with the collaboration of our clinical psychologists and dietitians.

Q&A: Is it possible to revise a gastric sleeve into a full gastric bypass?

Yes, it is possible.  However, keep in mind that there will be only a small gastric remnant if a sleeve has already been performed, as opposed to having a large gastric remnant with a gastric bypass is performed as the initial operation.  Without a gastric remnant, should problems arise with the gastric bypass, the options for solving the problem are more limited without having a large gastric remnant.

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