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Q&A: What do I need to know prior to having an ICI procedure?

Thank you for your inquiry.  We perform intrauterine insemination at our facility with a donor that has been quarantined with all appropriate testing complete from a sperm cryobank.  Our monthly storage fee is $42 for sperm and the insemination fee $135. To schedule a new patient appointment, please call the office below.

Q&A: My 10 year old son wears glasses, is CRT safe for kids?

Yes, quite safe.  CRT can ward off myopia progression.

Q&A: Is there a way to smooth out the lines on my face?

The reactive lines of the face will vary in depth and characteristic per person.  Only a physical exam will allow us to see potential for dermabrasion, steroid shots, or fillers.   Please feel free to schedule an appointment with me and I can advise on what may benefit you.

Q&A: How much does Vision ICL cost?

Dear Rashid:
Thank you for your email.  The cost of an ICL implant is $4500,00 per eye.  There is no charge to come in for a consultation to see if an ICL is needed based on your prescription, corneal thickness and shape of your cornea.
If you have any additional questions or would like to come for a consultation, please don’t hesitate to call or write to me.

Q&A: Is it okay to not have my 4 month old grandchild immunized?

As a professional I do not have training that would qualify me to answer this question. As an individual this is a subject that is of interest to me and that I have been seeking information about. After much research I have been unable to find any long term studies that prove vaccines are safe or effective. On the other hand there are no studies that definitively prove that they are not safe or effective. My feeling is that people on both sides feel that they are right but the truth is there is not enough information for people to be so sure. These are tough decisions and I can understand your fear for your grandson. I can offer you some resources that I have found helpful. The first is Suzanne Humphries, MD. The second is the National Vaccine Information Center. And finally a movie called The Greater Good. Best wishes to you and your family.

Q&A: How difficult is it to get gauged earlobes back to normal?

Thank you for your question Sheldon. The procedure can be performed in the office under straight local anesthesia. I would certainly encourage you to call the office for pricing and scheduling. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day. 

Q&A: Will acupuncture help with stiff muscles across shoulders?

Hello Eleonor,
I think that acupuncture could help you in a different way than massage. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can address the underlying stress and inflammation that may be causing your neck/shoulder pain. I could give you more specific information if I knew a little more about your situation. Please call me if you would like to set up an initial session or free phone consultation.

Q&A: Can a scar be repaired from an exploratory lap after a c-section?

Yes, the scar can be repaired. I mainly perform laser liposuction as a reshaping procedure, and your condition sounds like you will need to have the abdominal skin re-excised. I recommend Dr Randy Profit in Mobile to perform this, and would be glad to see you in consultation afterward to help sculpt the areas that can not be treated with a tummy tuck using Laser Liposuction.

Q&A: What is the cost of vaginoplasty?

I do perform labiaplasty and the cost for that is $4700. This price includes the surgeon's fee, OR, anesthesia and all pre and post op appointments. I do not perform any internal repair or tightening of the vagina.

Q&A: What causes the labia to be stretched and so discolored?

The normal labia minora can vary greatly in length and color and can change with age and childbirth.
Women are now more conscious of the appearance of the labia due to Brazillian waxing, leggings, yoga pants and prevalence of porn on the internet.  The trend is a preference for short labia that also provide for more comfort for those who are physically very active.
The color of the normal labia also vary from pink to darker shades of brown depending on the individual's skin tone. With trim techniques the darker tissue that some women dislike can be removed. Care must be taken to leave behind an adequate ledge of  labial tissue to avoid functional problems. 
Labiaplasty is a relatively newly popular procedure and requires understanding of anatomy as well experience with surgical techniques that are safe and reliable. When performed by skilled, experienced Plastic Surgeons, it carries a good safety profile and high patient satisfaction rating.

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