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Q&A: Am I a candidate for breast reduction at 252lbs and 38K bra size?

Thank you for your question about breast reduction surgery. You seem to be suffering from symptomatic macromastia, a condition where the excessively large size and weight of the breasts causes neck, back and shoulder pain as well as limitations in activities.
Breast reduction surgery (or reduction mammaplasty) is a therapeutic procedure which helps reduce the size of the breasts while also lifting them to the proper position on the chest. Liposuction can be used in conjunction with the reduction to better shape the breasts and axillary region(under arms).
Good candidates are healthy, non tobacco users, of a healthy weight  who are suffering the symptoms you mentioned.  You would greatly benefit from weight loss first as your body mass index(BMI)  is dangerously high. Individuals with very high BMI are at greater risk of complications. You may consider a more strict diet and low impact exercise fro now to avoid straining your back. If these methods fail, it may be beneficial to consult a bariatric specialist to achieve  weight loss.
Once you are a healthy weight, you will be a better surgical candidate and will have a more safe and positive outcome.

Q&A: What is the normal cost of ThreadLift?

Approximately $3000-5000. We combined this with mini and mid facelifts we do this in office

Q&A: Is there a non-surgical procedure to have a nose job?

hi jodie,
yes, the non surgical nose job procedure often can make a nose look smaller by making it straighter.
you can see examples of this effect on my website in the before and after section

Q&A: How quickly can psychosis progress after stopping anti-psychotic medication?

I read your message and thank you for reaching out.  I know it is very scary to let others know what changes you have made and how you are thinking and feeling.  My advice is to let your doctor know right away about your choice to stop taking the medications.  Starting and stopping, and even changing doses, can be very dangerous and even life threatening. 
It is best to work with your medical provider when making any such changes, and if your MD does not support you, then you may want to get a second opinion from another medical provider who believes in your ability to develop the capacity to live with less or no psychiatric medications.  Having said this, I understand it may be hard to find such an MD.  Thus, you will want to begin your search maybe through organizations like or or Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health.  They may have databases of medical providers who might be a better match for you. 
Regarding psychosis progression, "it depends".  Each individual who takes a medication can have a different and unique experience.  Thus, talk to your doctor-therapist and try to let them know what is happening.  Make sure you also try to let others know, friends and family, as they may be able to also help monitor any changes and provide support.  I know this may not be the answer you were looking for, but the first step is to be brave and stand up for yourself and talk honestly and openly about what you want, plan to do, did, and who you want to work with.  
This is not meant to be medical or psychological treatment advice and there is no doctor-patient relationship indicated by the general comment provided. 

Q&A: What would the best liposuction method be for the fastest recovery?

Hi Karen- recovery time increases the more that is done- expect 2-3 days until travel for less up to a week for more. I have my patients wear a compression garment for 72 hrs round the clock then waking hrs for 2 wks, but there is no bed rest time- up and walking immediately. I do old fashioned arm powered lipo (with specially designed canula) as there is no better way or faster recovery method. Please call my office to schedule a free consultation.

Q&A: What can I do to lose weight since I can't no matter what I change or do?

You are in the exact same situation of millions of people.  There are many ways to start your weight loss journey.  What I would recommend is find a reputable Bariatric surgery program and have them assist you on your journey.

Q&A: How would I know if I have labiahypertrophy of the labia majora?

Hi, great questions. The most common procedure in this area is a reduction of the inner labia, or labia minora.  We do have some requests for labia majora enhancement.  The labia majora or outer lips of the vagina are generally plump and full in young women, and diminish over time especially after menopause.  This parallels aging in the rest of the body. So generally volume is good, but not too much.  If your labia majora volume is causing functional issues that can't be corrected with lubricants, or for cosmetic reasons, they can be reduced.  The mons pubis and labia majora respond well to liposuction. Liposuction of the mons pubis has been pretty popular as of late.  If the labial  excess is of primarily skin, excision of that loose skin with a hidden scar can be done.  If clitoral exposure is inadequate, a clitoral hood reduction can be done also, alone or with a labioplasty.  We do many of these procedures under local anesthesia in my private operating room.  This is possible because topical anesthetics work quite well in this area. 
Btw, excessive testosterone in women causes excessive hair, muscularity, aggression, and enlargement of the clitoris, not labia.  Some docs treating low sex drive in women will treat with a tiny dose of testosterone. This does not cause side effects properly prescribed. 

Q&A: Can I have bypass surgery again after having it 7 years ago?

There are a lot of variables when you consider a revision.  The short answer is yes.  We have an approach that we use in revision patients.  I wouldn't recommend a revision unless you were seen by a surgeon and bariatric team that considers all of the variables that go into weight regain.

Q&A: I'm 24 with 2 kids and want to know what is the cost of a tummy tuck?

The usual charges including the operating room charge, the anesthetist’s charge, the surgeon’s fee and follow up care runs about $10,000.  When I perform abdominoplasty, liposuction is almost always performed in the hip region as well and that is included in the cost given above.  Please see my gallery for some before and after results.  

Q&A: What instruments do you use for a labiaplasty?

Hi Stephanie. I use the Ellman radio frequency device. I like it a lot better than the laser. It's more precise with less charring. It is like a tiny needle that runs radio frequency through it. If u need more info you can call me.

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