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Q&A: What can I do to get over my depression and get back to a normal and social person?

Hi SAM, thanks for your question, and SORRY you're going through this! First of all, I'm sorry to say depression is absolutely "normal". Approximately 7% of people in the US suffer from depression. Severe depression can be debilitating, however, and in that situation I highly recommend seeking therapy, medication, or a combination of the two. There are interventions that can really help your symptoms, don't suffer alone! If you don't feel comfortable reaching out to friends and family for a referral, I recommend looking for a practice that takes insurance, has many clinicians to choose from, and is easy for you to get to. The first appointment is the hardest to make, but you can do it!
Best of luck. We're pulling for you!

Q&A: Is IVF possible after tubes being tied and husband with erectile dysfunction?

In Vitro would be the best way to bypass both the tubal ligation and the erectile dysfunction.  Your chances of pregnancy should be very good.

Q&A: Which procedure is cheaper, the IVF or the tubal reversal?

Thank you for your email inquiry.  The total cost of our tubal reversal surgery is $5926.  An IVF cycle can range between $8600-$10350 depending on the fertilization method plus the cost of medications which ranges between $2500-$4500 per cycle.
If you would like to be considered a candidate for our tubal reversal surgery, please click on the forms and getting started link on our Virginia tubal reversal website and follow the steps.  Once we receive a copy of your operative report and pathology report if applicable, as well as the registration form, questionnaire, and male and female medical release, we can then have a physician review.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Q&A: I'm a lesbian and my spouse and I want to know how we can have kids?

It is very easy to time when one of you is ovulating.  At that time donor sperm can be placed into the uterus. 

Q&A: Can I get pregnant after a c-section and my tubes being clamped?

Prior to performing a reversal I would recommend blood work to assess your ovarian age. If you have a new partner I would also recommend a semen analysis. If the tests are normal then we can proceed with a reversal. There is financing available. The cost can range from $6400 to $8100 depending on the length of time it takes to perform the reversal. If you have any questions please call our office.

Q&A: Is a pincer nail fixable or am I stuck with deformed toenails?

A pincer nail can be caused by several things,  including damage or infection to the nail root or damage to the underlying bone in the toe.  Using high percentage urea nail gel may help , but often the shape of the nail is a result of the shape of the nail root.  In many cases your best option is to have the nail removed, which is a simple office procedure.

Q&A: Can I take the fat out of my belly and put it in my breast?

Yes, removing fat from your belly and adding it to your beasts is possible.  Results will vary depending on your anatomy. Call and schedule a consultation to discuss pros and cons verses an implant augmentation.

Q&A: What should I do about getting a pigmentation on my cheek removed?

I am having a little difficulty understanding the extent of the pigmentation.  In general, pigmented lesions are of most concern when there is a change in size, which could suggest melanoma.  I would urge you to have the lesion evaluated.  The recommended method of removal would depend on the nature of the lesion.

Q&A: Can a non-surgical rhinoplasty help with my crooked nose broken 20 years ago?

An examination would be needed prior to determining if you would benefit from a non-surgical
nasal procedure such as injectables to improve any traumatic nasal deformities. 
If you are experiencing any functional breathing problems, your passages may be narrowed due 
to the trauma and will not be aided by injectables alone.
Small dorsal deformities can be temporarily improved with fillers, but these will need to be repeated 
every few months depending on the filler and individual's metabolism.
Warm Regards, 
 Dr. Pedy Ganchi

Q&A: Can you get artificially inseminated if you have had a tubal ligation?

When a woman undergoes a tubal ligation procedure, both fallopian tubes are occluded. An insemination procedure involves placement of a concentrated sample of sperm directly into the uterus, followed by movement of the sperm into the fallopian tubes to meet an ovulated egg (an egg that is released from the ovary and picked up by the fallopian tube. Therefore, an insemination procedure is not feasible when the fallopian tubes have been blocked as in a tubal ligation.  

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