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Q&A: Is there anything that can help in repigimenting scars?

I’m not aware of anything other than tatooing.  This can be useful although some of the dyes used for medical tatooing can fade over time.

Q&A: Does labia reduction affect childbirth?

Thank you for your interest in Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg.  The answer to your question is yes. This a surgical procedure called a labia reduction that is easily performed and will not affect childbirth.   We offer complimentary cosmetic consultations and would be happy to meet with you to discuss your options.  On the day of your consult you will be given a quote for the procedure(s) that interest you.  Please call the office and we will assist you with scheduling an appointment.

Q&A: At 62 years old, what can I do to get smaller breasts?

If you are in good health, a breast reduction is an option.
It is not likely to reduce you to a 34, but the cup size can be made smaller
as desired.  You would also benefit from a little weight loss to make you a
better surgical candidate.
I recommend consulting with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a thorough
evaluation to review your best options.

Q&A: How can I find out officially if I am depressed?

Hi. I would suggest to you that taking quizzes online will not provide you with accurate information, and the best thing to do would be to see a mental health professional in your area. In most cities, there are mental health clinics who would see you for a lower fee that if you see a private professional.
Sometimes the clinics have names with the city name and then the words mental health, and then, you can make an appointment. Please remember that depression is treatable, so try not to worry.

Q&A: What would be the best treatment for enlarged pores, fine lines and acne scars?

Fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scars, roughly textured skin, and sun damage can effectively be treated with the Rejuvapen or the Fractional Co2 laser.  Both of these procedures are performed in the office under topical anesthetic.  The procedure takes ~45 minutes to complete.  After treatment, a special skin care product is placed over the areas to aid in healing.  Patients usually may resume their normal activities in 3-5 days.

Q&A: Can acupuncture take away daily headaches?

I have been in practice since 1977, and initially sought chiropractic care in college because i had frequent headaches!
YES, chiropractic and acupuncture care can help eliminate your daily headaches. But is is important to discover the cause of the headaches. If constipation is part of the cause then we must make nutritional changes in diet.
Thank you for asking. 
Dr. Bill

Q&A: Is there a test for eyelash extension allergies?

This is most consistent with a contact allergic dermatitis reaction. You are either allergic to a substance in the lash or the adhesive. The adhesive is more likely the allergen. Contact allergy tests are done by patch testing. The material tested is put on a piece of tape and kept on your skin (usually the back) for at least 2 days. You can perform your own patch test unofficially  by putting the lash on your ankle or other skin area under medical tape or a band-aid for 2 days and see if the reaction occurs. If an adhesive is used separately for your lashes you can self patch that as well. If a self patch test shows a reaction you can find what ingredient is the culprit by more extensive patch testing at an Allergist or Dermatologist.

Q&A: Is it a rip-off to be charged a one-time fee for biodentical hormone tests?

Hi Robin,
I am not comfortable with this one time charge and payment practice.
Most insurances cover the physician visit, labs etc. when hormon therapy is needed. The bill is generated with appropriate service and diagnosis code from the physician office. This is paid by the insurance company and patient portion is paid by you. 
Dr. Trivedi

Q&A: Can otoplasty fix an earlobe that is smaller than the other?

Sometimes you can make an earlobe bigger -- you need to be seen in person to know what is right to do. 

Q&A: Is there a test that will confirm if they are allergic to metal?

Yes, you can test for antibodies to the metals. As far as I know though it is not a mainstream test, thus regular doctors will not offer this.

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