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Q&A: I am a male that wants breast implants and a way to increase my hips. Is this possible?

Breast implants are definitely possible and have been utilized even in a male chest. Increasing hip size however will most likely not be feasible. Potentially, fat injections might be attemped but their longevity is in question.

Q&A: Can I have a breast lift without being "knocked-out" and what is the recover time?

I would recommend that the surgery be performed under general anesthesia. IT is safe. Most mastopexy operations are quite extensive. But make an appointment with a plastic surgeon in your area and let him/her examine you and determine what surgery is right for you. The recovery time is dependent upon the type of surgery performed.

Q&A: What is the cheapest way for me to get pregnant if my husband had a vasectomy?

Dear April Your husband needs to see a urologist first to see if he is even a candidate to have the procedure reversed. Artificial insemination will obviously not work since he has a vasectomy done.

Q&A: What surgery will remove the scar and wrinkles from my forehead and the cost?

Where the wrinkles are in your forehead will determine what type of surgery is needed to correct them, and the cost, but probably you will require some type of forehead lift. Similarly with the scar. I would suggest you go to a plastic surgeon for a consultation. Hope this is helpful. Carmen Paradis M.D.

Q&A: Where does the ovum go if your tubes (fallopian tubes) are tied? And how does this affect me having a reversal of the sterilization procedure done?

The egg goes into the fallopian tube, travels to the site of blockage, and dissolves there. The ovum/oocyte/egg is microscopic, and doesn't affect the success of a sterilization reversal prcedure in any way. Thanks for your question! Scott Roseff, MD, FACOG - Director of W.E. C.A.R.E. Visit us on the web at: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since I may not know your entire medical history, and I may not have examined you, Dr. Roseff (W.E. C.A.R.E.) can't be held liable for any consequences of your actions taken (or not) as a result of the medical information conveyed in this message. This communication is for your general information, only, and should never be used as a substitute for the medical advice/care of your own physician. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q&A: I was wondering, how to get rid of my double chin? How long do they put you out for surgery? Risks? Cost?

Dear Susan, The treatment depends upon what the problem is and the condition of your skin. If there is a lot of skin excess, a neck lift is necessary which is an operation which takes at least 3 hours and for which the recouperation is about two weeks. If liposuction is required, the operation may just take an hour and the recovery period is much less. Sometimes, an abbreviated combination of both procedures can be the best choice. Exercise will not help.

Q&A: I was wondering, because I have an over bite and then my teeth are crooked, that would I be able to get this fixed with cosmetic dentistry or do I need to get braces?

Thanks for your question. The condition you have described with your overbite is usually correctable. Without the benefit of seeing you, I cannot tell you which treatment options would be best for you. Situations similar to yours are corrected all the time either through restorative dentistry, orthodontics, or a combination of both. We often correct these deep overbites with what we call an "open bite" treatment plan. This consists of reducing your overbite by placing porcelain veneers and onlys on your teeth. I hope this helps and good luck in getting a better smile!

Q&A: Breast Augmentation done 6 or 7 years ago. Getting light colored circles that itch under my nipple. Do I have an infection?

Dear Charlena, I doubt that that would be the only symptom from an implant infection. It may be shingles since you are so tired and that may be from other causes. I would suggest that you visit with a dermatologist or your plastic surgeon in order to see what the problem is and what can be done to correct it.

Q&A: I has breast surgery doe and one side dropped below the other and one is hard. What can I do and should I be concerned?

The hardness is not dangerous and yes I would recommend seeing another doctor because it is possible to repair your problem. Call the American Society or Plastic Surgery to locate a qualified surgeon iin your area. The number is 1-800-635-0635.

Q&A: I have implants that give a rippled look. What can I do?

Dear Teresa, You could have more saline put in, but that would probably give you the same problem. Since you have already had saline implants placed and your skin is thin, you would be eligible for silicon gel implants under a special study which many plastic surgeons participate in. Check with your plastic surgeon about this.

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