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Q&A: Are silicone breast implants legal in any state? If so, where?

If your question concerns silicone gel implants the answer is both yes and no. No, they are not legal for women seeking breast augmentation for the very first time. These women can only receive the silicone-saline implant. Yes, they are legal for women needing to replace their existing silicone gel implant or those needing reconstruction after mastectomy or for congenital(birth) defects of their breasts.

Q&A: My husband had a vasectomy reversal and sperm is normal and yet we cannot conceive. What should we do?

Dear Sharon Definitely go see a fertility specialist. You husband most likely have antisperm antibodies even after a successful reversal. Inseminations may be an option if antibodies are not present, otherwise u may need IVF. Good luck Fady I. Sharara, M.D VCRM

Q&A: What can I do about unsightly veins under my eyes

Dear Jamie, Sclerotherapy is the golden standard in the treatment of veins but it should not be performed near the eye. I would suggest a direct excision or ligation (tying off) of the veins. This could be performed through an inconspicuous incision and would give you the best result with minimal risk of scarring. Laser treatment, for veins that large would run the risk of a severe scar.

Q&A: Can I have a huge amount of excess skin removed after 2 twin pregnancies?

You are right that the skin will not go back to where it was prior to the pregnancies and you are probably an excellent candidate for an abdominoplasty which should restore your youthful appearing abdomen

Q&A: How much does a nose job cost and how long does it take?

Dear Yeewah, The length of time a rhinoplasty procedure requires is really dependant on the needs of the patient.. In those patients with complex anatomic issues the procedure will take longer and may involve more complex surgical techniques.. Typically the surgical  time for a rhinoplasty varies between 45 min and 1 1/2 hours  Clearly the cost for the procedure will also vary depending on the complexity of the procedure and will also vary depending on where you live. This may range from $3800 to $5800 in a typical case, and higher for more complex cases 

Q&A: What is the cost and risks for LASIK?

Dear Mark, Lasik costs $4400 for both eyes. It takes about three minutes per eye. Astigmatism is corrected at the same time. There are very few serious risks. 

Q&A: How does the new LASIK software help farsightedness with astigmatism?

This new software isexpected to be available this month for the Autonomous LADARVision laser and within a few months for the VISX laser. The software directs the laser on how to move the laser light. Farsightedness with astigmatism requires a different pattern than farsightedness or astigmatism alone, both of which have already been approved by the FDA. 

Q&A: I had a sinus infection and have a lot of pain. What can you suggest?

As you would expect, it is difficult to diagnose a possible skin problem without actually seeing it. Since you mentioned a recent sinus infection treated with an antibiotic and nasal steroid, the current is probably related, and likely a benign skin irritation from the recent infection and medications used. The initial therapy would be using either topical hydro-cortisone ointment or just Vaseline regularly for 5-7 days. If you don't see any improvement or if it worsens, you should consult back with your treating doctor.

Q&A: What to do about spider veins?

Dear Vivian, Treatment is relatively simple through the use of sclerosants (injection of material which makes the veins collapse) for the larger veins and laser treatment of the smaller vessels. Compressive garments will help to minimize the number of treatments and also future development of more.

Q&A: I am a 21 year old African American women who has abnormal growth of facial hair. What can I do?

Dear BH, You are looking into this at a very opportune time since third generation hair removal lasers have just become FDA approved in the US. These lasers will remove the unwanted hair with very little risk (when used by the right laser surgeon) and give very good results after 3 to 5 treatments of an area. I would not suggest hormone replacements since they have far more universal effects on your body. Weight loss always helps since hormones are altered by fat in the peripheral tissue. The best lasers to use are long-pulsed YAG lasers of which there are several, the most effective, likely, being the LYRA laser by Laserscope. I would suggest that you find a laser surgeon in your area with this laser. Treatment costs vary across the country. My office charges $50 per square inch of facial skin treated per treatment. Scarring almost never occurs.

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