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Q&A: Can I get pregnant after a c-section and my tubes being clamped?

Prior to performing a reversal I would recommend blood work to assess your ovarian age. If you have a new partner I would also recommend a semen analysis. If the tests are normal then we can proceed with a reversal. There is financing available. The cost can range from $6400 to $8100 depending on the length of time it takes to perform the reversal. If you have any questions please call our office.

Q&A: Would it be safe for a 14 year old to use Perfect Woman for breast enhancement / enlargement?

I would not recommend it. If you are unhappy with your breast size and have other indication that puberty is not proceding normally, see your doctor. Otherwise, consider silicone bra inserts unitl you are full grown and at that time (21 years old or so) consider breast augmentation if you are still unhappy at that time.

Q&A: Could I have cancer at age 21 if I was treated for endometriosis and I still have pains from my anus to my abdomen?

It is very unlikely that you have cancer at the age of 21. I would see a gastroenterologist and have him perform either a barium enema or a sigmoidoscopy. Good luck.

Q&A: What are the fever blisters that come on the outside of your vagina? It is very itchy?

They are most likely genital herpes. You should see your gynecologist

Q&A: Sometimes I get painful blisters on the exterior of my pubic area. I am really scared that something may be wrong and am wondering if anyone can give me some insight on this problem. Thank you.

Even though you are not or were not sexually active, you should be seen by a gynecologist will the lesions are present and the gynecologist should consider performing herpes cultures. THere are other possible modes of transmission.

Q&A: What do you think the issue is if I started bleeding eleven days after my normal period?

TTC? m/c? I don't know what you mean by this. You need to have a pregnancy test ASAP. If you are not pregnant, it is likely a hormonal issue.

Q&A: What could cause heavy bleeding as a result of normal sex if I am on the pill?

Worse case is pregnancy in your tubes. Get a pregnancy test. IF it is negative, it was likely a cyst bursting.

Q&A: Should I be concerned if a gynecologist does not conduct an internal exam until eight and a half months into the pregnancy?

Your friend must have had a Pap smear and exam in the very early part of her pregnancy. There is not really a need for repeated internal examinations during pregnancy. One ultrasound, around 18 weeks, is the standard of care in routine prenatal care. The use of nurse practioners or other physician extenders is increasingly common. It allows the doctors to spend more time concentrating on the complicated cases. Your comfort (or lack there of) with seeing a nurse practioner for many of your visits should be addressed with the doctors. If, after discussing this with them, you are still not comfortable, switch doctors. Nurse practioners are ideally suited to be prenatal care providers and often will be able to spend more time with routine patients than the physician would. In terms of selecting a qualified obstetrician, I would make sure that he is board certified and a member of ACOG. Discuss his philosophy regarding prenatal care and delivery and make sure that you are ok with it. Speak to other women who have seen him etc.

Q&A: Could a detached tube be keeping me from getting pregnant and can I get it reattached?

See a fertility specialist. Your other tube is probably damaged as well. Reattaching the tube is not really done anymore. You probably need IVF (in vitro fertilization)

Q&A: Can I get pregnant if both of my tubes where removed and what would it cost?

in vitro fertilization (IVF) would be the ideal treatment for you. as long as your ovaries are functioning well, IVF will do the trick. the cost has come down significantly in the last few years. a cycle of ivf is around $5,000 plus medications. Good Luck Daniel A Potter, MD http:\

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